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Nintendo "Revolution" online game distribution.

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From what I have read about Nintendo's next console is that one of the aims is for the system to be easy and cheap to develop for. Furthermore, they will have a distribution system where games can be downloaded for a price, or for free. Nintendo seems like they want to bring in Indie and smally developers. This seems like a good fit for the Telltale distribution model. It's years away, but I thought it was interesting.

Here is one article that discusses it a little.
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  • If their previous games are free, why don't they just come pre-installed?
  • Man i hate online distribution. I assume some other people have had the fun and excitement of Valve and its Steam network. I hope they will at least allow you to buy some of these games from an actual store. Besides which, i find something distinctly satisfying about having a box with a game and Manual and some other useless junk inside it. Like the old Infocom games with their magazines and pieces of fluff etc. In fact, i wish more people did that rather than the usual DVD case with the manual stuck into some sort of word/html file on the disk. I want more useless crap with my games!
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    Useless crap is great. I find that it actually adds to the gameplay and makes it more fun if you have actually things that are also in the game.
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    I'm always torn on the issue, I used to be really big on having the physical media, but lately almost all of my music purchases have been on iTunes and all of the PC games I buy I find it more convient to rip the game to an image and just mount that (so i don't have to worry about scratching my cd's which stay in their case in my closet).

    Consoles are the only place where I have to have the media handy and storing all the games I have is more an annoyance than anything. As far as manuals go I never really read then anyway and I glance at pack ins a few times and thats it.

    I think the older I get and the more I have to work the less time I have for games and the more attracted I am to a system where I can just download the thing in a few minutes and click on it and be done with it. Anything that shaves off time between me wanting to play a game and be starting up a game means more time to actually play.
  • Whatever happened to that "paperless society" everyone was talking about a few years ago? It is too bad so many people feel more secure holding a physical document in their hands. I totally understand where you are coming from, but we would be doing the planet a favor if we distributed everything electronically.
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    I like physical mediums too, and I hated downloading anything when I had dial up, and I'm not particularly fond of steam. I also like physical manuals and maps and things like that. However, a downloaded game is the same game as a game from disc.

    Furthermore, distribution for console games can be expensive. There are a lot of other costs associated with it besides the creation of the medium. Which is ironic, because Nintendo started the expensive distribution scheme.

    I think that it's important that a console cater to smaller development companies and indie development because that's where most of the inovation is. For the most part, big companies don't want to take a risk.

    Furthermore, games have needed more methods of distribution all along. The more, the merrier, I say.
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