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Chapter 4: PS3 Bard Trophies help

posted by Osprey on - last edited - Viewed by 334 users
I beat the chapter and even looked through the video walkthrough and didn't see anything related to the "Bard" that is required for "Guybrush Goes Classy" which I assume is related to "Musical Memories".

I can't think of anyplace he'd be at any point in the game. The auto save left me at the second course (a big problem I had was not being able to find out what the clues were for the other 5 courses).

Any ideas or was this a bug of some sort?
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  • To get the bard trophy try putting a severed leg on the sacrificial altar. then try a wet severed leg, then a wet and sweet severed leg. As far as a bug, no the map unfolds by selecting each half and pressing X_ then hold down whatever button makes the orange dots appear and then use L1 or R1 to highlight the ones you want then press X. For clarification of the parts of the feast ask the voodoo lady.
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