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I loved the calm and low-key music in Puzzle Agent. Excellent thinking music. Telltale, please oh please release this soundtrack! It's perfect for a mystery mood. Which I am in. All the time.

Of course, it can wait until the end of the season, if such a thing should happen, but it's still incredibly atmospheric.

So, what'd you guys think of the music?
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  • Not that it's not great music, but it's not really.. special.
  • I love the Twin Peaks like piece in the diner. Wouldn't buy a soundtrack just for this episode, but if we get a full season and more of this type of music, I'd definitely be interested.
  • A soundtrack for a single game probably wouldn't be worthwhile, but if they don't make more episodes (or don't know if they will in the next couple of months), maybe they can include it as bonus tracks on the Sam & Max Season 3 soundtrack. Season 3 is a bit short on musical numbers so far, anyway, and I don't think the composer will complain (considering it's the same guy).
  • Well if Telltale does make a full Season (which I think they will), they'll be making a soundtrack, so I'd buy it.
  • I would like it if Telltale were to release a soundtrack (of tracks from the entire season, not just tracks from 'Mystery of Scoggins'), but I would only buy it if it were packaged together with the boxed version of the game/season.
  • They could put the soundtrack on a mini CD and release it with the special edition of the season, kinda like how the Sam & Max Season 2 case file had a mini CD with The Friendly Demon Song and a few others.
  • "There was a fearsome demon... who had a very scary form..."
    (Sorry, I couldn't avoid it)

    I loved the music of Puzle Agent, but I wouldn't buy it. It would be great to have it on the full season disc like Wallace & Gromit's or Strong Bad's.
  • xbskid;346645 said:
    and a few others.
    more like and all the other catchy songs from the games that get stuck in your head for months.
  • der_ketzer;347082 said:
    more like and all the other catchy songs from the games that get stuck in your head for months.
    After I compared the tracks on that mini CD to the website samples from the Sam & Max Season 1 Soundtrack, I noticed that the tracks on the mini CD were altered to sound like they were playing on the record player from the game; no bass, and the scratchy popping that accompanies old vinyl. It's a nice touch, and I don't think those versions appear anywhere -other- than in the Season 2 case file.
  • right. those are remixes so the disc is even useful for those that already own the soundtracks.
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