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Sorting Your Games

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Apologies if this has been suggested before (a few searches of this forum didn't turn anything up), but I'm wondering if a sorting feature could be added to the downloads on the 'Your Games' page. Thanks to me wontonly clicking on things and accidentally obtaining free episodes that I already owned, several of my episodes are not with the rest of their season. As the number of Telltale games gets larger, it's going to be harder to find the download you want.

Any chance this could happen? Either an automatic or a manual sort would be great. I'm not picky.
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  • Was thinking of that at the very moment.

    A new interface to the My Games page would be great, with season sortings etc. Because it kind of got messy..
  • It came up at some point and someone said that it was planned.
    I'd really like that too. So it can be at least sorted by series, or in order within a season.
  • I echo this. A sorting or organize function would be nice.
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    Digging out this rather old thread to add my "me too". Grouping by season and sorting by episode number would be very helpful indeed. For people who have only bought a few episodes of a specific season (e.g. i got most of W&G through free episode coupons), it would be nice to have an option to display "what's missing" for that season with links to the shop to complete a season.
  • I have S&M seasons 1 + 2 on steam, so those aren't a problem, and if you buy a whole season the season is grouped up.

    But I thought this thread was about grouping games from seasons into like, a Hub to launch a season's games. But still a cool idea though.
  • I agree with this :)

    The start menu folder seems pretty organized, make it like that!
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    BoneFreak;340269 said:
    I have S&M seasons 1 + 2 on steam, so those aren't a problem, and if you buy a whole season the season is grouped up.
    Yes, except when you (accidentally or on purpose) get a single episode of an already-bought season again for free, in which case the episode that you now have "twice" moves up to the top of your list. Or in cases where you do get a whole season eventually, but you didn't buy it all together, but in pieces (that one makes sense if you have used free game coupons from pre-orders, for example).
  • Definitely sounds like a nice feature to have...
  • I would love to see them Sorted into Franchises, like when you mouse-over Games when on the main page. Then they could be grouped in season order.
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