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Monkey Island: Spinner Cay bug?

posted by daveydje on - last edited - Viewed by 525 users
Hi, Just checking i'm not being either a: really thick, or b: going mad, but i'm stuck right at the very start of "Spinner Cay". Went through the opening, and to the bit where we're sword fighting on the deck. After clicking on everything i could see, i resorted to looking at a walkthrough which says to talk to Morgan Le Flay... Tried clicking on her... and nothing... just not getting any response or options. I can pull stuff out of the inventory and try to give it to her, and the rest of the inventory is working. I can click on the mast, hand, rope etc... just clicking on Morgan Le Flay gives no response...

Am I being really dumb (it has been a long day at work), or have I got a really odd bug?
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