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combine puzzles broken?

posted by adhuin on - last edited - Viewed by 950 users
Anyone else had problems with the 'put stuff next to each other to build something' puzzles.

Or more accurately how they practically do themselves.

For example the diner-plate puzzle:

I'm looking which piece fits next to fish. Not this piece (put it out of way next to other pieces)
not this piece either, and not this one.

Soon I notice I have 3 parts stuck together on my put away pile, start to move it, drop it and suddenly have 4th piece stuck on it!

Same problem with the big gear puzzle, where gear pieces warp half-piece away to join another piece I wasn't even considering.

All and all these puzzles aren't very brain teasing, as monkey (me) moving pieces back and worth solves the puzzle easier!

Secondly on the similar puzzle with the furnace:
Same problems as above, but I had one extra thing that could use improvement. The play area is literally cluttered. its hard to get grip on wanted object on pile.
It would be better if in addition of puzzle area, there would be 1/3 of the area dedicated to offside, so people have easier time to move objects.
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  • [TTG said:
    Yare;345547']Would the assembly puzzles feel more satisfying if there were a timed component to scoring them?
    Oh god, please, no timed puzzles in Puzzle Agent. :eek: There are better suggestions, here and in other threads, to make them more challenging.
  • Yeah,no for time restrictions.

    Maybe changing sticking together a bit.

    Instead of sticking next to each other, they would stick to the puzzle floor.

    Like in diner plate puzzle, you have 10 distinct objects you have to move.
    Instead of dropping them where ever, you could have 20-30 (or even 40) distinct points they would stay until moved again.
  • If you do put a timed element on puzzles (which I don't think you should), there should be some sort of Pause feature, maybe one that blanks the screen, because I frequently got up to do other things in the middle of puzzles (it was time to switch the laundry, or whatever).

    Interestingly, if a puzzle seemed urgent ("Fix this pipe before the hotel fills up with smoke!"), I tried to solve it extra fast, even if there wasn't really a reason to.
  • I wasn't thinking of a hard time restriction, but more like "for every 30 seconds you take, you lose a star from your score" or something.

    And only for puzzles like rotation and assembly where you can be sure you get the right answer before submitting.
  • I like that idea, but only for those kinds of puzzles.
  • Since the solution is randomly stumping about till they click (especially those like the furnace or the dish, less so with the big wheel where you actually know what to make) adding a time element only seems to indicate how lucky one is, not how smart one is in solving them.

    As I said, they seem entirely useless :(.
  • I don't think the time should affect the score, but maybe it could be recorded as an additional statistic.
  • I think Professor Layton had the right idea for assembly puzzles, where everything snaps to an invisible grid, rather than to each other... so the right answer is still unique and unambiguous, but it doesn't give itself away like the "right answer snap" in Puzzle Agent
  • Timed puzzles would generally detract from the suspenseful atmosphere the game is trying to create (with the exception, perhaps, of puzzles during the climax). As far as the jigsaw puzzles go, I think that the removal of snap would make them much more interesting. In order to be viable without snap, the player would need to have a much larger area outside the primary assembly area in which to place pieces that are not currently be worked with, and the player would also need some way to lock pieces in formation themselves, so several pieces can be moved together without having to move them individually. Adding the ability to rotate pieces would add to the challenge significantly. Unfortunately, if solutions were then checked by making sure that no pixels overlap, the usual submission -> "you FAILED" -> start over process would be far to frustrating. Instead, having some sort of "check" button that highlights overlaps (and perhaps removes a little bit from score after the third of fourth use?) might be better.
  • [TTG said:
    Yare;345547']Would the assembly puzzles feel more satisfying if there were a timed component to scoring them?
    Then you'd better make the game run a whole lot more smoothly! I felt that half of the time my solving speed was severely limited by how fast I could move the mouse without completely losing track of it because of the low framerate. I imagine that having to fight a timer with a game that just doesn't run smoothly would be incredibly frustrating. As is, it's only midly annoying.
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