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More videos in the "Videos" section?

posted by Trenchfoot on - last edited - Viewed by 116 users
Hi, everyone!

I recenltly was browsing through the Videos section of the site, and I found lots and lots of interesting videos from the Sam and Max team talking about the games. It was really cool, I specially liked one called "Behind the Music" where Johnson talked about the music, the sound and they even had some short clips of the voice-actor from Sam doing some work!

So I was wondering, is there any chance we could get some stuff like that for the Tales of Monkey Island section? Because I noticed there are only two videos there, and both are trailers. Some ideas that come to my head right now are interviews with Dom, the writers, Michael Land...

Anyone else agree?
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  • They have commentary videos on the DVD, so I would imagine at some point in the future they might put them up on the videos page like they did with the Sam and Max ones, but I don't know.
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