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Secret of Monkey Island Cover Art

posted by taumel on - last edited - Viewed by 8.9K users

do you know if there are better highres scans of Steve's Secret of Monkey Island Cover around than those available on Also without the system-stick on the left?

Mine sadly isn't in the best shape anymore... :O/


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  • Great, thanks!

    Ahhh, i love this drawing! :O)
  • Since those MI-posters were a little too dark, I've put up color-corrected ones, and a few more:






    Here are the full size downloads:

    The Secret of Monkey Island (60 x 80 cm, 200dpi)
    Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (60 x 80 cm, 200dpi)
    Sam & Max Hit the Road (60 x 80 cm, 200dpi)
    The Dig (60 x 80 cm, 200dpi)
    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (60 x 87 cm, 300dpi)
  • Thanks again!

    Already made a little game for my daughter with the Monkey Island Images. ;O)

    As much as i love The Dig, i never liked the cover this much.
  • Could someone upload these posters somewhere else than "One free download" and "Pay $$$" -rapidshare?
  • Hencha;34877 said:
    Could someone upload these posters somewhere else than "One free download" and "Pay $$$" -rapidshare?

    You can download more than one thing from rapidshare, you just have to wait a while in between.
  • Hencha;34877 said:
    Could someone upload these posters somewhere else than "One free download" and "Pay $$$" -rapidshare?
    The German was nice enough to host them temporarily... so, get them while they're warm and crunchy (and up!).
  • Nice, especially as i've stumbled over the Hal Barwood interview.


    What i don't understand is why they are all after graphics, roleplaying like character evolution and things like that. To me the story, puzzles and characters are the most important thing. I don't care this much about graphics as long as i like the style. I still would love buying games like Fate of Atlantis if they would look like Fate of Atlantis as long as they have the same length and quality inside.

    And when i read things like that they can't make the game as long as the games before because they need to invest ressources into the graphics then sorry for me they are investing their money into the wrong direction as the adventure games work more like books for me. As long as the paper isn't the cheapest one and the font is readable all is fine.

    I don't have something against better graphics, improved animations and so on but when it comes at the costs of the core of an adventure game then i dont need it. There are quite some possibilities making games looking nice to a certain degree without time intensive heavy gfx stuff and you also can reach more people due to the lower system specs. Proper art pays out much better here in my opinion.

    Anyway i've no idea if and how much i'm part of a minority with that but that's how i feel about it.

    Ranting: Gimme back some real adventures and keep your half baked mainstream stuff! :O)
  • well look at what they did with myst.. the last one STUNK using the full motion movement first person style.. wasnt the movement that stunk it was the game and graphics.. zoom to the one right before it.. better story and graphics.
    This topic has been in debate since the old gen/ new gen crossover. Devs seem to lose sight of character dev and plot and humor for something like a few extra flashes from a gun or advanced shaders. Personally Id rather play one great 2d with horrid graphics than any of the new oblivions and such.
    New devs are quite sad really. Closing down all that would be great saying" its not flashy enough it will never sell"

    Anyway I agree real games need a comeback WITH the added graphics.. I havent laughed in games in the last few years except for sam & max here. Thats sad.
  • The last time i had to laugh after turning on the computer was when i watched this...
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