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Ship to Europe/UK

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I'm not going to complain, it's just a query really......

How long does it take roughly for arrival of a shipment? A month, two? Anyone else ordered from the UK?
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  • International Shipping can take about 6 weeks max. No idea about how much exactly to UK, but to Chile is about 4 weeks normally, I guess should be really similar for you.
  • Some people are saying as little as 7 days to deliver to the UK, Others around 20. I'm currently on 12 days and counting.
  • I received my Monkey goodness this very morning, a mere EIGHT days after it was marked as shipped. Amazing service, and really well packed too. No damage to anything.

    Well worth the wait.
  • Be 4weeks next week....... Wouldnt mind if TT had an option to put it up as a .iso download for a few $, that way I would know I'd get it..... Royal Mail tends to loose stuff.
  • Once something took just over 6 weeks to arrive for me, but that was over the Christmas holidays, so that makes sense!

    Usually packages from Telltale have taken 2 weeks or under to get to my house.

    It was 2 weeks ago today when my Monkey Island package shipped apparently. It could turn up any day now, though I'm prepared for it to take longer.

    If your package takes longer than 6 weeks to arrive, and you think it may be lost in the mail somewhere, tell someone from Telltale and they may be able to help you track it. Back when I questioned my package that took a long time to arrive (which was back in January) they mentioned something about international tracking, which they'd be able to do soon. So someone will know how to find your package!
  • My package took 2 weeks exactly to arrive.

    One thing to bear in mind, that some people have had issues with is having to pay Import tax, which increases the delivery time (the parcel is stopped, a letter is sent to you, you pay the money, the parcel carries on)
  • Got one today that took 8 days! Last time it was around 14. It's usually customs holding it up, I've had a package from another place in customs for a month before.

    As Friar said, if customs decide to charge you they send you a letter first. Just hope the letter doesn't get lost in the post...

    £18 is the magic get-out-of-extra-fees free card. Anything under £18 won't ever be taxed. But really It's completely random what they decide to charge in my experience, I've had £50 go through with nothing and £20 get charged.
  • I take this isn't Kent in UK! lol
    Processed through Sort Facility, July 14, 2010, 10:06 pm, KENT, WA 98032
    WTF... So it took 3weeks just to be sorted?
  • "Sort Facility" sounds like a fancy name for customs.
  • It really does vary. Usually it's only taken a week for anything to get to me. Like most recently the ToMI voodoo cards, and the deluxe edition arrived exactly a week after it was dispatched. However, if you happen to get hit by customs, which can happen with anything over £18(Not sure if it's changed, I think it's still that, anyway), then it might take a bit longer, and you'll end up having to pay fee's. When I bought a bunch of stuff from Telltale for £50, I ended up having to pay something like £15-£20 fee's, which was insane.
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