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What species would you like to see?

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Obviously the T-Rex and Raptors need to be in it....

Despite what many say about the 3rd movie the Spinosaurus was pretty rad

Will we see any unseen in JP before? Will Jack Horner be involved to give you guys dino facts?
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  • thom-22;328906 said:
    I fully agree.
  • Nikasaurs..... darn it.
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    bubbledncr Telltale Alumni
    PainDealer;336159 said:
    There has to be an Iguanodon! It was the first species ever discovered and started the huge dinosaur hunt! Ok on with the actual list in no particular order :D

    Ankylosaurus (or any of them bad asses with a sledgehammer on their tail)
    Sauropods!! (Diplodocus, Camarasaurus, Mamenchisaurus, Brachiosaurus to name a few)
    Prosauropods, because they preceded sauropods and were a compromise between size and mobility, kinda like SUV's
    Something from ornithopoda, pachycephalopoda and cerapoda each (there just has to be a Triceratops everyone loves them)
    Spinosaurus (the one with the sail on its back)
    Coelophysis, Herrerasaurus, Ceratosaurus, Allosaurus
    Tyrannosaurus and raptors (all kinds and all sizes)

    Most of all, please don't mix the different eras! I don't wanna see a pack of coelophysis fight over a sauropod carcass with a tyrannosaurus.
    You really know your dinosaurs.
  • Pointosaurus and Clickceratops...
  • WHAT!!! No love for the Dilophosaurus?!!!

    For those who don't know, the Dilophosaurus was the dinosaur that could spit venom and had a frill around it's head that would open when it was on the attack. (In the movie, anyway. There's no real evidence that show it did those things.)

    The Dilo isn't featured that often but it's one of my favorite dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. It would be awesome if Telltail puts them in the game.
  • Here is a list of dinosaurs they need in the game.

    1. Tyrannosaurus Rex
    2. Velociraptor
    3. Baryonyx
    4. Spinosaurus
    5. Compies
    6. Carnotaurus
    7. A type Pterosaur
    8. Dilophosaurus
    9. Brachiosaurus
    10. Stegosaurus
    11. Triceratops
    12. Parasaurolophus
    13. Ankylosaurus
    14. Gallimimus

    From #9 and after shouldn't be dinosaurs that attack people but should be included in the game. From #8 and above should be the main villains.
  • My favorites are all the branches of the Maniraptora Theropods, all of which are feathered. The Raptors are part of this group.

    & the Allosaur was more badass than the T-Rex.
  • I always thought Therizinosaur was cool.

    It was awesome in dino crisis anyway. Even if it wasn't accurately portrayed. But the dinosaur itself is cool. It's like the Sloth of the dinosaur age and Sloths are cool. lol
  • They're not dinosaurs, but it would be pretty cool to see some early mammals and therapsids. Some of these things looked pretty terrifying.



  • I wouldn't mind seeing thoses. Even if it was just for background. I like how in DinoCrisis 2 as you walked around you would see dinosaurs in the background from time to time. It's a nice touch. Makes the jungle more alive.
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