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Nintendo Revolution

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Right, so, in the Adventure Gamers chat, Heather mentioned that the Revolution could be a great platform for adventure games. Could this possibly mean that we might see any Telltale games appear on that platform, especially if the Nintendo Revolution's Virtual Console feature will allow for third parties to put their games up for download? I don't know about you guys, but I think that would rock!
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  • Definitely sounds like a cool idea to me. The point 'n click interface could be accurately recreated on the Revolution. Not particularly innovative, but hey, it would make for a nice straight-up port that the other systems wouldn't allow for. I'd love to see Telltale games available for download through Nintendo's online service.
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    I also believe telltale games can fourish on the nintendo revolution. the NR game pad seem's to be the closest to the good old gamepad.
    As well, the nintendo platform got a reputation of a platform that support original games, so it might be possible that the target audience of the NR might be the same of the bone games...

    yet, there is a small problem - bone is far from looking like a next-gen game.
  • That's not really a requirement for a thirteen dollar downloadable game. There will be older games available through the distribution too, so graphics won't be an issue if the price is right.
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    Telltale's business model and the Sam & Max games are PERFECT for the Wii and its Virtual Console. Were the Virtual Console to prove sucessful, would Telltale consider developing games for the platform?

    I for one don't play games on my PC, if Telltale are developing games solely for the PC then I won't be buying, but if they were on the Wii...
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    Telltale is currently in general early discussions with Microsoft about the possibility of making its games available via Xbox Live Marketplace. Since Telltale's games are compact and episodic already, they would fit with Live and its limited game download sizes. The studio also hopes to speak with Nintendo and Sony about similar possibilities, presumably once those companies actually outline their full plans for downloadable content. Bruner agreed that Wii in particular is an attractive platform for Telltale's games, as the pointer-like controller would be an easy match to their games' point-and-click gameplay.
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    Sounds good ^_^

    What I would really like to see is telltale go with nintendo, nintendo just seems more small-company friendly.
    That's one of the qualities they are boasting about right now; like apparting that brain training game was made on a tiny budget with tiny amount of staff with tiny experience compared to others, but that game is HIGHLY sucessful (in Japan).

    I don't want this question to sound rude but. . . do you know what the people who buy your games would prefer to play?
    I'm gonna start a thread to cure my own cursoity! (I'm self treatign!)

    And once again, I am going to says osmrhing pro-nintendo, which makes me soundlike an annoying fanboy, wouldnt the wii's controller be really great to work with?
  • I don't want this question to sound rude but. . . do you know what the people who buy your games would prefer to play?
    We recently put together a survey to find out. :D
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    Oh koolies!
    Great minds think alike!

    The link says that it was concluded. . . so what's the conclusion?
  • Oops, sorry about that... I didn't realize the survey had been closed. :(

    There isn't any one conclusion, but we will be looking at all the data to get a better idea of what the people who responded are looking for in our games.
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