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Apparantly JoWooD has enlisted not only the original voice actress for Max but also the original voice actor for Sam and a bunch of experienced voice actors for the supporting cast (see here as well), in what is the most expensive localisation JoWooD has ever done. And gamestar likes the result.
You'll also be interested to know that the european version will have the same extras as the TAC version and will have all the dubs (and the english version) put together in the same box.
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  • Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm sorely tempted myself, and I'm not even german!
  • Agent Calavera;34731 said:
    That means: When Sam and Max deride US-Politicians, the translators will let them deride angela merkel instead.. (I DON'T think that's a good idea, everyone knows sam and max are american, why should they mock angela merkel??)
    Interesting thought. I don't think they really reference real-world polititions by name (except Lincoln, of course, and a few other past presidents) so I doubt this would be a big deal. I do wonder if they'll replace some of the politics-related lines ("I didn't inhale," "I did not have sex with that woman," etc.) with cliches that would be more familiar with Europeans. The again, Sam & Max is all about spoofing American culture, and I know Europeans love having a good laugh at America's expense, probably even more than Americans do ;)
  • Who's Angela Merkel? :o

    I'll be interested to hear what German fans think of the translation. (And French and Italian fans, too!) I think they have a real challenge in front of them, to translate the humor in a way that not only stays true to the original, but is also funny in the translated language, and that can be really hard with the type of satire in Sam & Max (especially in episode 4). I hope you guys will tell us what you think.
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    I think she's Germany's president (or the head of the EU). I'm not sure which although I could be wrong on both counts. I've heard her name in the news but I can't remember exactly what she does.
  • I hope the European version has some Tarja Halonen jokes
  • Ahem. Angela Merkel is the Bundeskanzlerin (Federal Chancellor) of Germany, the highest german political position. With Germany having been president of the EU Council for the past half year and still being president of the G8 in 2007, she has had a lot of opportunities for brokering political deals and has been in the spotlight a lot, at least on this side of the atlantic.
  • Thank you. I am a politics reject (I don't know who most of our government officials are either, if it makes you feel any better... :p)
  • Oh boy, don't get me started. :rolleyes:
  • Emily;34788 said:
    Thank you. I am a politics reject (I don't know who most of our government officials are either, if it makes you feel any better... :p)
    no, that makes me shudder in fear......
  • Perhaps ignorance would be good in this case. I don't think it would be good for Emily to have to endure politics as well as doing customer support, ect. The human mind can only handle so much at once. : I
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