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Ship to Europe/UK

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I'm not going to complain, it's just a query really......

How long does it take roughly for arrival of a shipment? A month, two? Anyone else ordered from the UK?
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  • It really does vary. Usually it's only taken a week for anything to get to me. Like most recently the ToMI voodoo cards, and the deluxe edition arrived exactly a week after it was dispatched. However, if you happen to get hit by customs, which can happen with anything over £18(Not sure if it's changed, I think it's still that, anyway), then it might take a bit longer, and you'll end up having to pay fee's. When I bought a bunch of stuff from Telltale for £50, I ended up having to pay something like £15-£20 fee's, which was insane.
  • I've ordered two things from telltale
    The first order took 2 weeks and the second only took 1 week
  • 13 days to arrive to Spain! (and casually, just a day before my birthday, how cool is that?)
  • Attention please I sent an email to receive support [email][/email] without receiving any response. I ordered a copy of "TOMI" special package "Steve Purcell" plus 3 shirts are arriving regularly. But in the transport document they were given 5! so I had to pay many more taxes as the VAT and customs! :mad:
  • Just to say it arrived today..... If the tracking was right, it took longer for it to be processed through sorting than it did actually getting here :confused:
  • im still waiting for my copy of TOMI to arrive in the UK - it got sent 8th June and ive still got nothing
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    Big_Whoop;351512 said:
    im still waiting for my copy of TOMI to arrive in the UK - it got sent 8th June and ive still got nothing
    If it got sent June 8 to the UK, it definitely should have been delivered by now.
    I suggest you e-mail [email][/email] with your order number.
  • Ive emailed them so lets see what happens
  • This is my 5th week, and still Nothing. I'm beginning to get really worried.
  • It usually takes 7-10 days for me, but apparently for Germans (the very next-door-country) it has taken up to a month occassionally.

    I guess some countries borders/postal offices are just worse than others :(.
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