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Telltale Cribs!

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[I Accidentally posted this in Forum Games an hour or so ago, but I figured it would be easier for me to just repost it here than wait for a moderator to notice and move it. So yeah, there's a thread in Forum Games that needs deleting >.>]

"Cribs" is a word we hip folk use to mean habitat. Just to let you know.

So, we've got a desktop thread, now it's time for a thread where you can post your actual desktop so we can see where you all fall on the ten-point-slob-rating. Just post pictures of your room, home, office, whatever.

If you want, you can post a video of you walking around and awkwardly saying stupid things like "um, so, uh... this is, like... my bed... um... it's kinda warm, I guess". People did that on another forum I used to go to a couple of years ago, it was pretty funny.

Without further inane rambling, here's my room:


This is my desk.

1. I use an HDTV as my computer screen as well as my TV screen. It was only about £30 because the audio jack was broken. Little did they know, I wasn't planning on using the audio jack! Muhahaha!

2. This is where most of my food goes.

3. Incidentally, this is where most of my drink goes.

4. This is the laptop I use as a computer. It's pretty awesome. If by awesome you mean terrible. I also have the whole multi-monitor thing going on at the moment, but I don't usually use that. It's too much hassle to set up (did I mention my computer was terrible?).


The view you'd get if you walked in on me trying out my invisibility cloak. Aawkwaard.

1. This is my chair. I use it for sitting and spinning. Like most of my crap, it's had one previous owner.

2. I blu-tacked a load of notes on my wall for the psychology course I'm doing at college. Hopefully this will mean I don't fail too hard.

3. A Megaman X poster.

4. This little wooden guy doesn't have a name. Name him! Name him or I lose your respect!

5. This is where I keep hefty amounts of crap. At the moment, there's the pen for my Wacom tablet, half a milkshake, two remote controls, my wallet, a stapler, a hole-punch, a kazoo, some scissors, some loose change, the plastic vacuum pack thingy my headphones came in, a super important top secret letter from the government and a screen cleaner.

6. Yeah, my laptop is a Compaq. Meh, it get's the job done. Really badly.


Where I sleep.

1. This is my window. It's not usually an ominous pool of light; I think that was the camera's doing.

2. Yeah, I have a Stylophone on my windowsill. Sup.

3. The patchiness of my wall makes it look like I'm living in the midst of some sort of warzone. I'm not. I'm, like, 60% sure I'm not. I don't look out of the window very often.

4. An empty coke bottle. Why not?

5. Various DVDs, books and ransom notes.

6. A pile of various pieces of paper and other crap I should sort out.

7. A USB cable. Again, why not?

8. An invisible Pelican lives in my bed. I kid you not.

9. My radio alarm clock makes all manner of crazy ass noises while I'm trying to sleep. I've tried all sorts of things to shut it up. Well, I actually haven't tried anything... maybe I should?


The most cluttered, un-lived-in corner of my room.

1. I wear a green hoody pretty often. If you ever see someone wearing a green hoody, it's probably me.

2. I got this little dinosaur toy in a Happy Meal a couple of weeks ago. Its head spins. It's probably the coolest thing I've ever owned.

3. I have all sorts of crap pinned to my wall. Don't really know what any of it is...

4. Socks!

5. There's a wardrobe right opposite this pile of clothes. Hmm.

6. I still have quite a few videos. Remember videos? Videos were awesome.

7. More unsorted paper. I thought everything was supposed to be digital these days?


The least interesting part of my room.

1. Narnia.

2. The exit.

3. My radiator makes super weird noises. I'm pretty sure the solution is to kick it relentlessly.


This is the view from my window. What a pretty garden.

Let the posting commence!
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  • Probably not functioning. I wouldn't want to trust a real camera to be supported by the weight of a fake-looking beard and the strings tying it behind my head. But definitely gaudy and obvious, just like in the game. I'll probably find the worst looking fake beard I can and glue the front half of a plastic camera to the front.

    Actually, my biggest plan for the costume is the disguise masks. I intend to try to get a list of the photo shoots at the convention and make disguise masks for one character from each shoot, then sneak into as many as I can. I got the idea from a guy who crashed several shoots dressed as Where's Waldo last year.

    And I solved the problem of where to keep the masks by making the sapper out of a sanded down metal lunchbox.
  • Enjoying your pics, Guru. How are you going to make the Max hat? And what's the dog's name?
    Also, is it me or do most people have a TV and/or games in their bedrooms?
  • man my room looks like crap and it isnt clean compared to you guys! But i'll try to see what i'll dol to post my pics, because im interested in hearing your opinions!

    Also seeing those rooms made me wanna buy anime DVD's of One Piece and Naruto. Im sad i feel it's too expensive!
  • Avistew;306397 said:
    Enjoying your pics, Guru. How are you going to make the Max hat? And what's the dog's name?
    Also, is it me or do most people have a TV and/or games in their bedrooms?
    I think I'm going to try and sew it, if I can't find anything remotely similar that I can modify.

    And my dog's name is Max. Pure coincidence, I assure you. He's a miniature pinscher.

    And I never had a TV in my bedroom growing up. I didn't have a TV in my room until I moved to the college dorms for a year. Then I came back and didn't have a room at all for a year and a half. Then I moved into this room and I've had the TV ever since.
  • I need to muster the effort first to move my computer to my room first. Right now it resides on the dining room table and doesn't seem to want to move.
  • I have a tv in my room, but it only plays DVDs because we don't have a hookup for it that goes to the second floor. All our electronics are on the first floor mostly.
  • This is my hideout - I'll only show my bedroom area (Most photos taken by phone camera):


    This is my window, bookcase and computer desk. I don't have enough books yet to fill up my bookcase so I use it for the ornamental junk that I don't have the heart to throw away, my printer, and my computer games.


    This is my desk in all its glory. I too have a wooden fella, whom is currently known as Nameless. My DSI in front of the computer screen, my pens (for when I feel creative) in the centre, and on the right of my desk is my calender and plushies. You can also see the ToMI poster on the top left.


    From left to right, my fish tank (60L), mirror, cupboard, bedside table, and bed.


    This is my fish tank up close, I didn't take this, it was taken by my brother as his camera is able to keep up with the speed of my fish better than my phone is! Left to right my fish are called Aurora (hiding behind the tempreture sticker), Boo, and Halo. I have another that I got after the photo was taken called Rychu.


    And this is the view from my window, the garden. It's not much to look at, but the cat (Tiggy) enjoys running around it.

    And I have a wardrobe, which you can't see in my pictures. That's it though.
  • I'll post mine later. If I can be bothered.
  • A lot of you guys have pretty cool rooms. If I ever get the desire to clean up my apartment, I'll contribute! lol
  • I was going to resurrect the prints thread for this, but I liked this thread as well, and the Paper Mario was the deciding factor. So now that I'm done putting things on my walls and have electricity for some lighting in here, here's a couple more pictures of my room.


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