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issue-33451 - Questions about special offer

posted by AndyBundy on - last edited - Viewed by 150 users
I had written the following mail and hope to get an answer soon:

I’d like to know, if I buy the Deluxe Edition, does it only cost the margin between the normal and the deluxe edition or is it still the full price, when I get the DVD for free now? Plus I would like to buy the button sets #1 and #2, but only #2 appears on the page in the news I got today (or yesterday). So does it mean, I can only buy #2 to get the DVD for free? If not, I’d like to have a better overview of how much I have to pay before leaving the shopping area, since the shop always gives me the full price to the DVD.
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    The Deluxe DVD should only be $14.95 if you already bought the digital version (from Telltale).
    If you're logged into your Telltale account, it should offer you that deal.
    However, I have been having a problem on this page, which shows it to be $49.95, but not on this one.
    The buttons don't affect the price of the DVD (maybe the cost of shipping, though).
    The first set is available here, the second one here.
    Hope this helps! ;)
  • I pre-ordered the game from Telltale so I will give it a try and thanks a lot, Macfly^^

    Edit: It worked! These items are so awesomenecessary.
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