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Future of Bone?

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Since Telltale started making Sam & Max, I've become worried about the Bone series.. of course I prefer Sam & Max but as I've already bought Bone I would hate for that series to be cancelled as it would render my game useless. This is my biggest complaint when it comes to episodic gaming, the uncertainty that you will get the entire story finished.. just look at the Sin episodes, they were cancelled (after the first episode too!).

Anyway, could anyone from Telltale inform me if it's pretty much guaranteed that you will finish the Bone series someday or is there a chance it will be cancelled?
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  • I think the fact that Bone is entirely (?) self-funded might be a reason why it's being placed behind everything else which has the financial security and the set schedules of a publisher (Gametap with Sam & Max, Ubisoft with CSI). Just a guess.
  • They've said a few times that S&M and CSI are the forefront stuff right now, Udva's probably onto something
  • From an interview with Dave Grossman and Dan Conners at
    FiringSquad: What other projects does Telltale Games have in the works?

    Dan Connors: We're working on CSI: Hard Evidence for Ubisoft and are in the planning stages of Sam & Max: Season 2. Other than this, we've got a few other projects in the works, but nothing we're ready to announce.
    I can't think of any reason why they wouldn't be "ready to announce" the third episode of Bone, especially when the website has said that it's "Coming Soon" for at least half a year now.
  • Udvarnoky;26515 said:
    I think the fact that Bone is entirely (?) self-funded might be a reason why it's being placed behind everything else which has the financial security and the set schedules of a publisher (Gametap with Sam & Max, Ubisoft with CSI). Just a guess.

    I completely concur with you. Prior of Telltale announcing their acquisition of the S and M license, they seem to pump out two episodes of bone, quickly.

    However, as you stated, bone isn't funded by another corporation. As such, bone is put aside so that telltale (with one team that is workin on all of the games they made) is workin on other titles that have schedules.

    Something similar occured with agdinteractive, where they put aside Quest for Glory so that they can work on their first commercial adventure game.

    If season 2 is goin to be release in the last qtr of 2007, I am certain we will see episode 3 in the summer unless CSI is keeping them busy.
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    From this interview:

    We haven’t seen a new Bone chapter since this season of Sam & Max began. Is there anything that you can reveal about Bone episode three? When do you expect to release it?

    Dan Connors: We’ve been really focused on Sam & Max and nailing the episodic model. This has helped the company better understand digital distribution, and we’re in a great position to take advantage of the Bone license, but our teams are very busy right now. As the company grows we will revisit Bone.
  • Well, if Udva really is onto something let's look at the positive side: If working on Bone is out of Telltale's pocket then in the mean time as people by CSI and Sam & Max Telltale will probably get enough of a cushion to place Bone back on schedule again.

    It sounds like they all sure want to. I think it'll be done.

    I must agree that I too appreciate the team taking their time out of the weekend to respond to us. I really admire this company.

    And just for the record, I think I like Bone more than Sam and Max (taking cover!)! =D
  • I also believe it was said that Bone and Sam & Max use pretty much the same team, meaning that unless new guys are given the reins to one of the licenses, one can't exist while the other is in production. Maybe that's not the case, and I know there's team overlap, but it's my understanding that Telltale is in some sense divided into the Bone/Sam & Max guys and the CSI guys.

    But while we're talking about bright sides, I like to keep in mind that while Telltale can theoretically keep making Sam & Max seasons forever ("forever" here having the meaning of "until it stops making money" or "until they don't think they can sustain the quality anymore"), Bone is gonna end for good when it ends. In that light it's probably the license I'd prefer be stretched out, since there's really nowhere to go with it once the story has been adapted.
  • You're right, but why didn't the Sam & Max team start working on another Bone episode when Season One wrapped? I was expecting this, but now it seems they're working on Season Two. I mean, I love Sam & Max, but I don't understand that "coming soon" for the third Bone game on the mainpage. I guess something happened. I hope Bone doesn't suffer from Sin Episodes fate. I know Telltale supports and loves the work they've done on the Bones, but I'm also doing the best I can to support the episodic method in the Italian fan community, so the lack of solid infos on further Bone episodes in over a year is the only dark side behind the undeniable triumph of Sam & Max Season One.
  • I think the coming soon was just put there in response to people who kept posting their assumptions that Telltale had abandoned the license.
  • On the other hand.. If more people would buy more copies of Bone.. then.. who knows?
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