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Yes! Gametap puts its on-demand programming online for free!

posted by The Duckmeister on - last edited - Viewed by 434 users
The good news: Now I can watch Sam & Max Animated Series for free! :)

The bad news: I have to watch Lara Croft get chased by a T-Rex between shows, only to be told that I could be paying $7 to get a game like that, making me feel like a total loser. :(

Gametap is doing this so that people can get a taste of what the real Gametap is like, however, I'll ask any non-gametappers this question. Do you want to pay $7 a month to get what's free, and then a bunch of other games? My answer is, no. Giving someone a full video like that, online, for free, is like saying, "You only have a few channels, but with the channels you do have, you can do anything!"

If I even wanted to use this, I'd be like, "I'll buy my own games, because half of those games on there I would never play. And then I still get free programming."

Well, that's my increasingly long, rambling rant about Gametap. Feel free to discuss this new marketing ploy.
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