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Puzzle Agent impressions!

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Puzzle Agent is here!

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What is the mystery of Scoggins?

What the heck is going on Scoggins, Minnesota? When White House inquiries to the Scoggins Eraser Co. are answered only with curious puzzles, the U.S. Department of Puzzle Investigation's Nelson Tethers is sent on the case.

As the government's sole Puzzle Agent, Tethers has his hands full: the strange case of Scoggins plunges him into a mystery that will challenge every ounce of his expertise, and possibly his very wits too. Tethers must overcome brainteasers at every turn, including mazes, logic puzzles and riddles. He soon realizes that these - along with the clinically pre-occupied townspeople, secret societies, and mysterious sounds from the forest - are intimately connected to the core conundrum. And what's with the gnomes?


So you guys have been playing it a bit, I hope! What do you think? Let's talk Puzzle agent!
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  • Honestly? TTG can do so much better...
    I love the Animation, it was captivating and very effective in creating that creepy feel of a wierd town in the middle of nowhere. The game was genuinly creepy and mainly thanks to the animation.
    The puzzles on the other hand... Some where fun, most were tediouse and the repetition really broke me. How many times can I do the same retarded pipe-rearranging puzzle? I mean, seriously, you can't think of anything better than yet another one of the stupid "travle the snow and hit all the X on your way"? There were 3 of these and another two puzzles that were suspicously similar >.>;

    Basicly, I liked the idea, but disliked the execution.
  • Well for me, it was quite amusing. The animations were beautiful and the dialogues were awesome. The story itself was hilariously silly. But, there are 2 main problems. First of all, the puzzles all tend to be rather easy and silly, and the few ones i got stuck on were unclear in my opinion. Second, the game was too short. By the time it ended, i was expecting that I was just half through, with a bulk of tough puzzles coming my way. So for me, it felt like an incomplete experience, and I would have loved to be tested more than that.
  • Still working through it. Love it so far. Mixed feelings about the scoring system. Don't know whether it enhances or detracts from the experience.

    Game is clever as heck. My first Tell Tale game. (Make more for Mac!)
  • I love it. It might be a tad more simplistic than other Telltale games are but that makes it better. The vibe in Puzzle Agent is closer to any of the classic Lucasarts games than any Telltale game has been so far. If I have one criticism, it is that it's impossible to move Nelson around the areas he's in. I don't mind whether its point and clicking ala Scumm, or arrow key controls ala everything since Grim Fandango but it would be good to implement some kind of player controlled movement so more exploring could be done. For instance, there were times when it was impossible to see some of the gum unless you clicked on the area where it was hidden.

    This is a game which needs a full series.
  • I want more! I want more puzzles. Harder puzzles! More hidden people! More hidden puzzles! More creepiness! In the end I had more questions than in the beginning. I want to go back to scoggins.
  • Just finished the game. Off to watch Grickle cartoons. Off to look for more to complete the experience, which I loved.
  • I loved the game, but expected more puzzles to be scattered all over the world. You implemented a sort of exploration system, only not to exploit it enough. I want to feel like I've stumbled across something secret, a puzzle that not many have actually found!

    The game was also really short, even for an episodic gaming thing like you guys do. I think I may have played Telltale Texas Hold'em for longer than this (though to be honest, that's a whole different genre of game).
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    DaVince;353807 said:
    I think I may have played Telltale Texas Hold'em for longer than this (though to be honest, that's a whole different genre of game).
    Telltale Texas Hold'Em is the Telltale game I've played the most (I still play it once in a while) and I own all the downloadable ones!
  • ooh, creepy and mysterious; definitely reminiscent of Maniac Mansion or at the very least the creepy town feel.

    This is undoubtingly a wonderful game; first off the idea of giving you a star rating on how well you did the puzzle is indeed genius, it gives you an incentive to try more and not give up so easily.

    Secondly, the music and animation is delightfully moody and fresh, the ranges from piano pieces to eerie harp solos really established the intended presence that the scene required.

    And finally the puzzles, some like the Hotel key one were frustratingly difficult, others like the bugs and fish one were incredibly rewarding and some were incredibly easy (slotting objects together so they don't overlap), overall a very nice range of puzzles of the frustrating, the hard and the easy. Therefore, the difficulty of the puzzles was just perfect for me.

    Comparisons to other games? I never really could get into the Proffessor Layton games - the puzzles just seemed too abstract. Compared to your other games...not as good as Wallace & Gromit or Sam & Max, but definitely better than Strong Bad...(yet to play TOMI to give a comparison)

    All in all, a finely polished game that ends too soon - I was expecting to visit the school and other areas, for that reason I'm in two minds on whether to return to the town - most of the characters were ones that although fun and intriguing, but they really don't need a second/recurring appearance. The red monsters (or whatever they are) are in definite need of a reappearance...maybe they could be the season's mystery, and they could be operating all over the country?? I really enjoyed the open-endness of the ending - and it makes me want more, just new locations please! And thanks to Telltale to making another gem of a game and again putting a big grin on my face. :)
  • One of Telltale's best!
    I enjoyed the animation and the plot that gave me this creepy feeling. Some of the puzzles were good, but some lacked information given and hade multiple answers even though only one of them is "accepted". The length was good, but it could have been longer and the puzzles could have been better/harder. I also like that this game isn't as open as your other games because I feel that when you close it off like this the story is told in a better way. Crossing my fingers for another episode fast because I really enjoyed this game.
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