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Countdown to Ep 4 - "Beyond the Alley of the Dolls"

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Hideli-hodeli, Sam & Max-arinos!

Mike Stemmle here, writer and co-designer on Episode 304 of Sam & Max, a.k.a. "Beyond the Alley of the Dolls."

As this penultimate episode in our senses-shattering series careens its way through the approval process, getting ever nearer to your grubby little hands, mice, and joysticks, now seems like a good time to open up the thread for "insider" questions of various sorts.

Allow me to prime the pump with some tantalizing tidbits of info:

- The identity of this episode's villain is a big mystery.
- A character who hasn't been seen this season will return.
- Horrible things will be done to the Delorean. I mean the DeSoto. Dang, that's gonna cause problems, isn't it?
- Mr. Norrington will reveal himself.
- Stinky's "Mr. S" will make himself known.
- Grandpa Stinky will experience a great deal of joy.
- This episode features an exceptionally lame gag that I've been waiting nearly two freaking decades to make.

Oh, and we get to read everyone's mind.
Mike "Roger Ebert Rocks" Stemmle
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  • Gman5852;348951 said:
    From the looks of things, summon yog soggoth and papierwaite was pretty evil when summoning him in 302 forcing maximus to due so when sammeth was going to be killed if he didnt obey and if he does obey maximus gets destroyed.
    Papierwaite is definitely evil but I think that he is being forced to do Norrington's work for him. Norrington has brought back Papierwaite as his younger self to help him.
  • Sure Papierwaite's not some timeshare of a servant?
  • Gman5852;348908 said:
    didint at the time sam and max have a device to control their sould and put into their bodies.
    Just a machine that pulled their souls back into their bodies, IIRC. Until they did that, they controlled their zombie selves. But when their souls were put into Jurgen's monster, THEY could suddenly control the souls instead of their zombie bodies.
    Gman5852;348908 said:
    sammunmak still had them with him when he took over the planet
    Not THEN, when the molemen put the toys into Max's brain jar! They just disappeared!

    Guh, what am I doing, this is clearly not the kind of game to overthink... : P
  • I'm counting down these last three days with a marathon, one episode per day. I'll probably do the same for the last one, too. They're just so awesome!
  • Wow, this month went fast! Now it needs to go three days quicker!
  • unknownrightnow;349087 said:
    Wow, this month went fast! Now it needs to go three days quicker!
    damn straight!
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    ^^ Hey dude that's my catchprase :(
  • MRN;349274 said:
    ^^ Hey dude that's my catchprase :(
    I always thought your catchphrase was "Is there any cake left?"

    (I'm just joking with you)

    Fine, have your goddamn catchphrase! I don't need it! I can think up my own!

    Uhhhhh... 該死的直線!
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    Wow, dude, great catchprase!
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