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Tales of Monkey Island Season 2 Speculation and Suggestion Thread

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When's that scheduled for then? :D
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  • That doesn't mean Lucas will give them the license right away, they may have to go into meetings or other legal techno babble. And Lucas may also hold the license and ask for more benefits from the profits of the series. It's a very loose franchise.
  • Have we had a guess-poll about this one yet?
  • VeronicanPlay;288988 said:
    With the ending in Chapter 5 how could they not, you also hear small bits of what happened before tales when he assembled the Cutlass, a possible game to make I think.
    Making the next game before tales is a horrible idea when there are so many questions in the season left unanswered.
  • It could be a sort of flashback episode that involves doing the stuff to get to Launch of the Screaming Narwhal to explain some stuff and then the next episode goes along normally.

    Dr Evil: How about NO!
  • Mermaid;350059 said:
    Have we had a guess-poll about this one yet?
    I give it till the end of the week.
  • I would love to see a Double Fine Monkey Island.

    So many caps.
  • I would love to see: a GOOD QUALITY soundtrack of the calibre of CMI

    -the guy did them in his spare time so.. to hell with consistency of the product! WiiWare can have lesser music! but I want some quality tunes dammit

    my first MI game was CMI and one of my favourite things about it was the music.
  • telltale have been thinking ever since MI4 how they were gonna release TOMI. that's how much thought went in to it. :P telltale's whole reputation stand on the next MI!!! it's most likely never gna happen

    telltale's been lazy this year, S&M came out april of this year and that's it. in 09 they released 2 games.

    i would love another MI but little chance.

    Is it true that TTG actually went to the trouble of re-recording lechuck original for the last few episodes available on dvd form?
  • Yeah ... as much as I would love ToMI2 .... I am really starting to think its never going to happen.
  • i only found out about ttg and the next mi just by searching one day and i didn't expect it to be good. but it was...

    it COULD happen after bttf and before jurassic park. they made s&m fans wait remember? it would be nice if that happened. hope to all!!! :-P
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