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Beyond the Alley of the Dolls Speculation Thread

posted by queen_of_the_lobsters on - last edited - Viewed by 5.6K users
The Narrator said:
We'll have answers, of a sort, to these questions in our next chapter. Until then, my friends, sleep well.
Every phrase that the Narrator has said in the trailers to the Devil's Playhouse episodes was actually lifted from the very end of the games; All those phrases are actually teasers to the next episode. My question is, what does our enigmatic host mean by "Sleep well?" Will Sam be hit in the head with a blackjack and dragged to a laboratory (perhaps like the image in the leftmost painting in the trailer), and tied to an operating table before a mad scientist takes his DNA to develop the Sam clones? Or perhaps the Sam clones have already been developed, and are dormant in cryogenic chambers until the next episode?

It's never too early for speculation, my friends, and we'll have some more evidence to go on once Max's Brain is available online. In the meantime, let's investigate and speculate together, and see who will reach the truth first, about the Playhouse of the Bizarre...
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