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Your opinions on 304? [SPOILERS]

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The return of Bluster Blaster, the comical Sal abuse and a plot twistier than a corkscrew (Yeah, cheesy comparison) made this one of my favourites, who'd thought that the ultimate villian would be [SPOILER]Demon max?[/SPOILER]
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  • I think we all secretly hoped for it, but never thought we'd see the day.
  • I loved the whole episode but it went too quickly! Also, I will be really really sad if Papierwaite, Skunkape or Sal are dead. If any of them are gone, I will go into mourning for days :(
  • I loved it, especially the plot - twistier than a party game requiring a white sheet with coloured dots on it.

    Didn't actually think much of bluster blaster. Played almost no part at all in the story. Everything else though was wonderful. Truly laughed out loud, and was gripped the whole way through.
  • Ditto on Bluster Blaster, but I am kinda waiting to see WTF is up with his future, though.

    Edit: Also waiting on PSN to update so I can see if the trophies lead anywhere interesting.
  • Hey yeah!

    I'm also thinking "NO MAX, NOT THE CHRYSLER BUILDING" from ep 1 is promising for ep 5 ;)
  • Loved it loved it loved it, by far the best episode of the season.
  • I may need to go back through season 2, but this may now be my best Telltale episode of all time. At least until the finale.
  • Every episode this season is the best episode of all time and they just keep getting better, in my mind. I particularly love the flavor of the final act.
  • What an absolutely brilliant episode. Everything was spot on, from the reveal of Dr. Norrington (that cutscene actually had me quite nervous), to the episode's villain, to the music, to the entire story. My favorite joke of the episode was one that I saw coming before using a psychic power: [SPOILER] the fact that Papierwaite's security code was "foot snake squiggle squiggle bird"[/SPOILER] I really, really, can't wait for the next episode. Hopefuly it's out next month.
  • The episode was confusing. At first.

    But then, the plot stuff cleared up quite nicely. But, damn, that ending. This episode is composed of some creepier then Puzzle Agent stuff. And that's a good accomplishment.

    I was actually wondering right at the final part of the game, "Man, how will the season finale top this?", and then the last cutscene showed me how.

    Favorite Episode of the Season.
    I mean, of Sam and Max.
    I mean, of all the games Telltale has made.
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