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Need help with 304? Please?

posted by Hatley on - last edited - Viewed by 160 users
So far in 304 I've got [SPOILER]Girl Stinky scrubbing the cloning area desk, Momma Bosco back in the lab and the Cthonic Destroyer.[/SPOILER] Can anyone tell me how to get [SPOILER]The extra Bosco DNA to use on the clone cooker?[/SPOILER]
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  • [SPOILER]You may already have it, check through your stuff first and look at everything[/SPOILER]
    [SPOILER]If there's no DNA in your current area where else can you go?[/SPOILER]
    [SPOILER]How about sal's workplace.[/SPOILER]
    [SPOILER]So, now we're here, is there anything to pick up? Who can we talk to?[/SPOILER]
    [SPOILER]Teleport to sal's new work place, talk to bluster blaster, he'll give you an envelope and letter. Look at it and sam will tell you it's covered in bosco's drool.[/SPOILER]
  • Yeah, I got it, thanks.
  • Now I need to know [SPOILER]How to beat Charlie Ho-Tep[/SPOILER]:confused:

    EDIT:Figured it out. Never mind.
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