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Your opinions on 304? [SPOILERS]

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The return of Bluster Blaster, the comical Sal abuse and a plot twistier than a corkscrew (Yeah, cheesy comparison) made this one of my favourites, who'd thought that the ultimate villian would be [SPOILER]Demon max?[/SPOILER]
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  • Just remembered sam and max impersonating bosco. Classic XD
  • I liked it but unfortunately it seems to still be very buggy in a lot of places.
  • Really really loved this episode, there where so many well written hidden jokes, the puzzles (except two that had design flaws) made a lot of sense. And the bugs I've encountered are to small to mention. This is my favorite episode of season 3 by far!
  • Absolutely loved every minute of it. The puzzles, music, story everything!
    Originally posted by allaboardfilms
    My favorite joke of the episode was one that I saw coming before using a psychic power: [SPOILER]the fact that Papierwaite's security code was "foot snake squiggle squiggle bird"[/SPOILER]
    I thought that too. :D
    Although I was sad when [SPOILER]Papierwaite died. NO! He can't die. He is too awesome to die!!![/SPOILER]
    I loved the twists as well. It was very funny, but I was disappointed about Bluster Blaster. Too short an appearance. I am happy, just because he was back. Oh, I can't wait for episode 5! Argh, the next episode might be super epic! This episode is an instant favourite for me! The best Telltale episode full stop. Brilliant job Telltale! Brilliant!
  • Yay asset crossovers! Unholy this!
  • I found Flint "interrogating" Stinky (as performed by sam and max) hilarious. Chuckled at the great performance of Romeo and Juliet. And don't forget our dearest annihilator buster blaster! And good guy Sal! And.. And.. and...

    UGH could ramble on for ages, way too many great scenes in this one.
  • i loved this episode and it will be my favorite for now (waiting to see if 305 will top this)
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