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Speculation For The Final Battle (Possible Spoilers)

posted by Sparkles on - last edited - Viewed by 656 users
Hey everyone! First time making a thread since I mostly browse. After finishing the most recent episode and revisiting the past ones, Telltale seems to continue to top themselves. I was curious as to where the final BATTLE will take place. I am hopeful for a Times Square showdown but it will be tough to top 304. What are your thoughts?
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  • I honestly can't imagine what will happen next or how this story is going to be resolved.
    All I know is that it's Telltale and knowing them the ending will be something completely unexpected and more epic than anything else we've seen.
  • after max goes waif the the Colette unconnected play episode 1 the mole-mane col-test area sam has to run rand max bran to help the battle ageist joiner
  • It will all finish in my house. As I am the main villain. Sorry to spoil the surprise.
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