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Countdown to Ep 4 - "Beyond the Alley of the Dolls"

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Hideli-hodeli, Sam & Max-arinos!

Mike Stemmle here, writer and co-designer on Episode 304 of Sam & Max, a.k.a. "Beyond the Alley of the Dolls."

As this penultimate episode in our senses-shattering series careens its way through the approval process, getting ever nearer to your grubby little hands, mice, and joysticks, now seems like a good time to open up the thread for "insider" questions of various sorts.

Allow me to prime the pump with some tantalizing tidbits of info:

- The identity of this episode's villain is a big mystery.
- A character who hasn't been seen this season will return.
- Horrible things will be done to the Delorean. I mean the DeSoto. Dang, that's gonna cause problems, isn't it?
- Mr. Norrington will reveal himself.
- Stinky's "Mr. S" will make himself known.
- Grandpa Stinky will experience a great deal of joy.
- This episode features an exceptionally lame gag that I've been waiting nearly two freaking decades to make.

Oh, and we get to read everyone's mind.
Mike "Roger Ebert Rocks" Stemmle
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  • i didnt see that, what was it?

    oh i did see it, i just didnt click it all those times.
  • The Highway;351445 said:
    My brother spotted that.
    I did that, but didn't think that.

    I think your brother has a dirty mind... :rolleyes:
  • Hassat Hunter;351572 said:
    I did that, but didn't think that.

    I think your brother has a dirty mind... :rolleyes:
    I know, but now I keep seeing it like that! I need to get a screenshot!
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    ttg_Stemmle Telltale Alumni
    Avel;351365 said:
    Mind Reading the Newpaper Rack?
    That's it. And now, the lame story behind the lame story...

    Many years ago, when Hit the Road first came out, a reviewer compared the comedy to watching Penn and Teller. He meant it as sort of a backhanded insult, which was weird, since we LOVED Pen and Teller. Ever since then, I've really REALLY wanted to get the standard P&T "3 of Clubs" trick into one of my games. Here's how it works:

    1) Learn how to "force" a card to your mark (this is the hard part).
    2) Tell your mark that you've learned a magic trick.
    3) Pull out a deck of cards, do a whole bunch of shuffling, cutting, and bs-ing about where you learned this trick.
    4) Force the 3 of clubs to your mark. Have him memorize it.
    5) Have him put the card back in the deck without showing it to you.
    6) Riffle through the deck dramatically, pull out the 9 of diamonds (or some other wrong card), and dramatically ask "Is THIS your card?"
    7) Look crestfallen when your mark informs you that you've messed up.
    8) At same point later in the day, suggest showing something cool in the latest Sam and Max episode.
    9) Load up a save game. Maybe the one just before the creepy reveal of the main villain.
    10) Mind read the newspaper stand. Your mark will be impressed.

    Mike "Never Said it was a FUNNY gag" Stemmle
  • Did anyone else find the random Romeo and Juliet parody?
  • Yup, and it was hilarious (plus, they used the sacrifical table from ToMI).
  • Just finished playing. If you could see me, you would see me stricken with awe.
  • The episode was pure awesome, but now I can't wait for episode 5, I just can't.
  • That's the thing now. We are now addicted to S&M.(Although some proberly have been for some time now).
    It's good for Telltale because we'll buy all the S&M related stuff thus they get money.
    But it's Bad for me because I end up staying up late and going to bed late to end up going ti school late the net day because I just can't stop playing!
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