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The City that Dares not Sleep Speculation Thread

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Wow that episode went quickly. But I think not everything has become clear yet... I still think we will see a main villain to the season as in the previous two. We also don't know what happened to Skunkape, Sal or Papierwaite! (although the latter may be dead...NOOOO) And Max is being controlled by Junior, right? What will the next episode be like without him? And will the narrator ever show up...
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  • Or perhaps Skun-ka'pe is somewhat like Sam in terms of psychic aptitude and his proximity to a warp in the dimensional plain gave him some sort of bastardized future vision. Or not.

    It sure looked like Junior had been partially summoned at any rate, much like Yog-Soggoth had been.

    I kinda think that we may see the psychic overload happen in 305, possibly shunting Max's consciousness from that of his Junior-Max hybrid of a corporeal form. Then we get the collective unconsciousness dealy.
  • Here's my new theory:
    Somebody gave Max the psychic toys to enhance his psychic powers
    The powers had an effect on him, turning him into that monster

    I think Gordon the Brain has some explaining to do
  • Hello,
    I'm not exactly new to this forum because I mostly lurk in the back, but I happened to notice something a little odd from episode 301 and I felt I should mention it. If you check the newspaper that has Max biting the key to the city, the Statue of Liberty looks like Max and not like it did in episode 304. I would usually ignore something like this, but I can't help thinking that the newspaper is actually from the end of 305 and that Max rebuilds it in his image. I might be overthinking this so I want to know what you guys think.
  • Cheri;350901 said:
    I think it's pretty safe to say Skun'ka'pe, Sal, and Papierwaite have all bitten the dust, sadly.
    CRIES I had just started to like Papierwaite...all you're fault.
  • Avel;350910 said:
    Also, villain line-up if fairly misleading now since we've got Max/Junior cloven-feet rather than giant max.
    You did see the giant statue of Max in 303, right?

    Anyone, how about Gordon and Sammun Mak in a giant lagomorph robot built by Mole Men Vs. Demon-Fire Max?

    Then all we need is a new MAIMtron 9000 leading the hordes of Max's giant battle robots into...battle.
  • I have vis filing there more to the devil's toy-box than Yog-Soggoth he did say they where his ones so I have a failing the elder gods did not cheat them but gust a idea
  • Here's my theory in full:

    Gordon was from a planet where everybody looked like the giant monstrosity Max became.
    He gave Max the psychic toys so that he could use them to restore Gordon.
    He merged with Max upon his 'death' on board the ship because he was so weak.
    Max used the toys and the psychic powers helped Gordon to regrow again - taking over Max like in the last episode.
  • Hubert;351475 said:
    You did see the giant statue of Max in 303, right
    Or, more recently, giant Max eating Sam.
  • tabstis;351488 said:
    Gordon was from a planet where everybody looked like the giant monstrosity Max became.
    If you talk to Gordon for a while, when you ask what his body was like, he starts off rambling about how it was nothing special - six feet tall, raven hair, biker's build. Max points out that he'll soon be able to read minds, and he then confesses that he looks more like a platypus.
  • Long post, so here it goes...

    *Remember at the dimensional destabiliser, Sam is apparently going to get eaten by a giant beast in his future? And how if you use future vision that giant beast is Max? And how if you use future vision on Sam at the final battle, it shows a giant set of teeth biting? I bet we'll spend a portion of 305 in Max/Junior's giant body as Sam.

    *Buster Blaster in space?

    *I still wonder who the main villain will be in all this? The narrator would be way too obvious. Junior wouldn't really be any surprise at all. So who is left? Sal? Hell, maybe we won't even have a major villain (although I doubt it). If you think about it, all the set pieces have already fallen in place. Obviously, Sam/Junior has to be stopped, but we pretty much already know what's going on. The only things that haven't been explained are:
    [CENTER]-The narrator's identity. Although it's possible he's just that, a nameless narrator. (Doubt it though)
    -Why does Max have psychic powers, anyway? Although I feel like that isn't something that has to be explained. Kind of like the Desoto flying to the moon.[/CENTER]

    *Also, when you visit Sammeth and Maximus' resting place in 301, you could read some ancient prediction written in hieroglyphics. Didn't it say something like "Max will turn into a giant beast and destroy the world"?

    All in all, really good episode (as always). Can't wait to see what Telltale's going to do with this season's finale.

    Edit: Eh, guess it wasn't that long :p
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