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The City that Dares not Sleep Speculation Thread

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Wow that episode went quickly. But I think not everything has become clear yet... I still think we will see a main villain to the season as in the previous two. We also don't know what happened to Skunkape, Sal or Papierwaite! (although the latter may be dead...NOOOO) And Max is being controlled by Junior, right? What will the next episode be like without him? And will the narrator ever show up...
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  • Mr. Kerstbal;351682 said:
    Long post, so here it goes...

    *Remember at the dimensional destabiliser, Sam is apparently going to get eaten by a giant beast in his future? And how if you use future vision that giant beast is Max? And how if you use future vision on Sam at the final battle, it shows a giant set of teeth biting? I bet we'll spend a portion of 305 in Max/Junior's giant body as Sam.

    *Buster Blaster in space?

    *I still wonder who the main villain will be in all this? The narrator would be way too obvious. Junior wouldn't really be any surprise at all. So who is left? Sal? Hell, maybe we won't even have a major villain (although I doubt it). If you think about it, all the set pieces have already fallen in place. Obviously, Sam/Junior has to be stopped, but we pretty much already know what's going on. The only things that haven't been explained are:
    [CENTER]-The narrator's identity. Although it's possible he's just that, a nameless narrator. (Doubt it though)
    -Why does Max have psychic powers, anyway? Although I feel like that isn't something that has to be explained. Kind of like the Desoto flying to the moon.[/CENTER]

    *Also, when you visit Sammeth and Maximus' resting place in 301, you could read some ancient prediction written in hieroglyphics. Didn't it say something like "Max will turn into a giant beast and destroy the world"?

    All in all, really good episode (as always). Can't wait to see what Telltale's going to do with this season's finale.

    Edit: Eh, guess it wasn't that long :p
    I doubt max will be the FINAL villain. I think its gunna be an extra long episode and their is some other threat.

    TT has a track record of making the main villain somone completely unexpected. Look at charlie ho-tep. At this point they might as well make it the European tourist.

    Bluster Blasters future is going to keep me up at night...

    Why cant people just accept the Narrator is just a narrator!?

    Its basicly like
    "Look! Its new and unfamiliar! We have to kill it!"
  • I agree with that we might be in Max Jr's guts at some point, perhaps we'll make into Max's brain and have to seperate Jr from Max that way, psychonauts style!
  • Oh, I agree with you on the main villain thing. I'm just pointing out that, unlike season 1 and 2, we don't necessarily need a new main villain for the story to make sense.

    I still have no idea who it's going to be, though. Sure, Soda Poppers and Hugh Bliss were unexpected, but they were important characters who appeared in most of the episodes. I doubt it's just going to be some random dude like the European tourist.
  • Actually, when you think about it, it's almost impossible season 3 is going to have one surprise major villain who's behind everything. It's perfectly possible the finale is going to have one more surprise villain, sure. But in season 1 and 2, all the events (except the ones in both first episodes) were all part of one major villain's (or 3 in case of the soda poppers) grand scheme. The episodes in season 3 are all connected by the toybox and the elder gods, but Skunkape, papierwaite, sammun-mak and charlie are all after the toys for completely different reasons. They never were anybody's thralls. I really don't see how this could all be encompassed in one overarching grand scheme.

    But then again, Telltale has pretty much proven that whatever's going to happen in the finale will be something nobody of us is expecting. :rolleyes:

    Edit: I have no idea if what I'm saying is making sense to anyone. English isn't my first language.
  • Mr. Kerstbal;351736 said:
    Edit: I have no idea if what I'm saying is making sense to anyone. English isn't my first language.
    Don't worry. Your English seems to be near, if not completely, perfect.
  • Please don't tell me Sal is dead.. he is a very likeable character.. would be sad indeed if he has bitten the dust.
  • Masta23;351767 said:
    Please don't tell me Sal is dead.. he is a very likeable character.. would be sad indeed if he has bitten the dust.
    I don't think you can ever say a Sam & Max character is dead, meaning he/she will never appear in another episode. I mean, there have been dead characters in episodes before, Momma Bosco, the people in Hell.

    Since the subplot involving Girl Stinky trying to kill Grandpa Stinky hasn't been wrapped up yet, I wouldn't be surprised to see Sal in 305. And that's not wishful thinking since I'm in the tiny minority who has no particular affection for Sal.
  • I very much doubt Sal has bitten the dust. Why would they suddenly kill off such a new and beloved character like that? It'd be really anticlimatic. Besides, stranger things have happened in this series than Sal surviving that.
  • This has probably been said an infite number of times before, but I really miss the office and Bosco. The office only for the music, though.
  • Harry is probable dead too,because he was searching the stamps in the statue when max destroyed her.
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