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304: Dementional Destabilsor code

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What is the code?
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  • Alright, we'll start this with the hinty way:

    Each dial controls a part of the other dimension.
    You need to match the things from the dimension with the scroll from Papierwaite.

    -One controls Sam's mood when he comes back. Something in the scroll mentions giggling.
    -One controls Sam's fate (which is in the FUTURE). The scroll mentions a giant monster devouring people.
    -One controls the effect when Sam comes back. The scroll mentions a flash of light.
    -And the last controls Sam's thoughts about the dimension. (I forgot what the scroll mentioned).Thoughts are located in your MIND. by the way.
  • I sort of guessed the second I saw the controls to see what would happen. Got it in one.
  • If I recall correctly, two of the four controls were already set correctly before I even changed anything (The "giggles" and "eaten by a monster").

    Anyone know if the values are randomized in each game or if they are fixed in this way? I didn't even consider this one a puzzle, because it was already half-solved...
  • Heh, I fugged about with all the controls before solving it, just to see the things that would happen.
    Seriously, why would you even want to solve it instantly?
  • Well I just used trial and error on this puzzle. I turned the dials until I figured out which one controlled each area (mood etc). Then I just fiddled around with each number till I got the correct one. Was there an easier way to figure it out? or was trial and error the only way?
  • Yup, trial and error (and ofcourse the use of mindreading/future vision).
  • Trial and error is the only way for that puzzle. In fact, I am pretty sure that either which dial is which is randomized, what number on the dials does what is randomized, or both.
  • That puzzle is randomised. I played through twice: each time each dial did something different AND what number was the correct one changed.
  • Cool!

    Another notch up for 304!
  • Sorry I've already done it (And the rest of the game!) Way before any of you responded, oh well!
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