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  • That's what I'm starting to think. I've asked around on other forums and nobody seems to be able to make him do that in episode 4. Maybe it happens in episode 5 then... Also I wasn't sure if it was just my mind or not, but in the Future Vision, his face looks like it's dirty or something.
  • Is this also the case with Bluster Blaster's future vision???
  • I assume it is, as well as the two times we see Sam's future where he is dancing in the office of the Museum of Unnatural History.
  • guitarsareboring;353667 said:
    SAM: "Superball, our president has become a greedy, city-destroying monster."

    SUPERBALL: "Oh no Sir, not another one."
    Strangely, I can see that conversation happening.
  • Might be a bit more exasperation involved.
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