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Trophy help for 304

posted by muhitatsu21 on - last edited - Viewed by 2.1K users
Hey everyone. I'm enjoying 'Beyond the Alley of the Dolls' immensely, but wanted to get a little bit more out of it.

I'm playing the PS3 version and could use some trophy help and some others might need some too. The specific trophy I need help with is the 'Telltale Loves you' trophy. How do you get it? I don't have a clue! Any help would be appreciated.
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  • I've come across all the references but i play on pc so dunno if it genuinely works.
  • Hassat Hunter;351934 said:
    While I can't confirm it works for the achievement, it does indeed say that. And Max does his silly dance...
    That one was actually posted by me, questioning if it counted or not (someone's been to :p ). I'm still not sure, however, I just got my trophy and I can confirm that the following absolutely counts:

    Throwing Max's voice to the juke box in Stinky's Diner.

    Another person in that same thread Emo's post came from also said that he got the trophy after hearing Max use Guybrush's "UNHOLY THIS!" line, so that one counts as well, but you can't miss that.

    EDIT: Updated list.
    Nicholi_Anhelo said:
    Just got it after using psychic ventriloquism the Jukebox. I knew that song sounded familiar. Here's a final list for the guide. Thanks to all those that helped along the way!

    Telltale Loves You

    *When you talk to Max, pick the Random option multiple times and he'll mention several different characters from previous seasons like The Devil, Santa Claus, and The C.O.P.S.

    Stinky's Diner
    *Talk to Skun-ka'pe at the beginning of the game multiple times. Eventually, Sam will offer him a bottle of Banang (Season 2 and Tales of Monkey Island). [Thanks to dab198]
    **IMPORTANT** Must be done BEFORE using the radio in the diner.

    *Have Max use psychic ventriloquism on the Jukebox. He'll start to sing "I remember my childhood in Brighton..." before quickly being stopped by Sam. (Sam & Max: Hit the Road) [Thanks to mjc0961]
    **IMPORTANT** Must be done BEFORE helping Stinky get out of the diner.

    Bosco Tech
    *One of the dialogue options with Momma Bosco (the first one asking about the Clone Master) will elicit a reaction from Max about the Soda Poppers (Season 1).

    *Examine the door on the second floor of the room twice. The second time Sam will mention "not being able to hit the road" while the clones are running around. (Sam & Max: Hit the Road) [Thanks to mjc0961]

    Cloning Pod area
    *Examine the Dispenser (from Team Fortress 2) in the corner of the room. If you do it enough times, Sam will hit the dispenser with a wrench until it dispenses some Banang. When you try to get it, the dispenser will retract. Afterwords the item is unusable.

    *Examine the Tentacles after you've spoken with Norrington and heard about the Cthonic destroyer. When you examine them, Max will mention wishing it was a friendly green tentacle (Day of the Tentacle).

    *Use Sam's Gun on the clone pods. The things that the main computer says after a pod is shot reference a number of things (THX, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Les Miserables, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, "In the Year 2525" by Zager & Evans, "58008" spelling Boobs when flipped upside down on a calculator, and Fahrenheit 451).

    *When you use the Cthonic Destroyer on the Tentacles, Max will shout out "UNHOLY THIS!" (Tales of Monkey Island) [Thanks to Bucket]

    Museum Office
    *Examine the phone in Paperwaite's office twice and Sam will mention wanting to talk to his shrink, who is still on vacation. (Sybil from Seasons 1 and 2).
  • Awh, disappointing they went with the wrong definition. :(

    By the way, from that list you definitely don't need the dispenser or the clone pods ones. I got the trophy when checking out the door in Momma Bosco's Lab a second time and hadn't done those two yet.
  • dark52;352027 said:
    Awh, disappointing they went with the wrong definition. :(
    Sooooo... what definition was that? :confused:
  • Just to make sure, is that really the full list for the "Telltale Loves You" achievement? Only I'm sure going through the game I've found other fan-wankish references. Among them "I'm selling these fine Nehru Jackets" and "Why on earth would I combine Adventure Games and Country Music?" which are not on that list.

    Also, I've played through the game twice now and apparently havent thrown my voice at someone/something yet. Is there a list somewhere?
  • Hassat Hunter;352037 said:
    Sooooo... what definition was that? :confused:
    I think they might mean the anime definition, where it's generally female characters showing panty shots and gratuitous cheesecake.
  • But... Max's naked 0_0. :p
  • So you could say that Max is fanservicing AT ALL TIMES. ....I think I may have to join Flint Paper in the killing of brain cells now. ^_^
  • i dont know how to get this trophy too but i unlocked impress your friends card trick trophy =P
  • It's the same definition, really. Sam and Max fans are mostly adventure gamers that would love some fan treatment with a mass load of references that they know of and appreciate that their intel (or nerdness) is known and praised by a company that makes adventure games, and anime fans are... Well, most of them would love seeing panties and breasts.

    After all, both are for fans, both are "exceptional" ways of "service" because they're done just because it's what fans expect from the relevant source.
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