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Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse infinite loop glitch

posted by Bonabopn on - last edited - Viewed by 246 users
At some points in the series, the game enters an infinite loop, it seems to be at the point when you need to respond before time runs out. I can remember this happening multiple times, but i can't remember any of the specifics except for the two most recent.

In 303, at the finale, when Sam is battling Skunkape, the game entered an infinite loop there, and i was unable to complete the episode. It just showed sam being repeatedly knocked over with occasionally repeating dialogue.

In 304, when you first meet flint, Sam & Max's demonstration of an interrogation will keep repeating itself with max saying "I don't know what you're talking about. Sam! You're supposed to say something!".

As i tried to say above, this has happened before, but i can't remember if it was in this series, or if i'm just hallucinating again. Does anyone have any fixes?
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  • Turn off one of your cores (so the game runs on a single one).
    That fixed it for the 303 issues people had at least...
  • Yeh I didn't spot this thread before making my own about the same problem :o
    It's not that big a deal this time as people who experienced it last time know how to get around it. But it doesn't look too good on the developers if a bug that was reported and aknowledged in the last game has been duplicated in the next.

    Other than that I'm liking this episode so far :D
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