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For those who own the soundtracks, what are your absolute favorite songs in the Sam & Max Telltale Games? The ones that you could listen to over and over again?

My absolute favorite is tied between The Black Hole (S1D1, Track 13) and The Office (S1D1, Track 3)

But there are definitely a few other ones that I simply can't get enough of:
Cruisin' (S1D1, Track 11)
Roy G. Biv (S1D2, Track 27)
T.H.E.M. (S2D1, Track 1)
Fugue and Dies Irae (S2D2, Track 10)
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  • "Cogs in Motion," "El Molcajete de Almas" and "Fugue and Dies Irae." Plus most everything from TDP, especially the remade themes.
  • Planeforger;348901 said:
    I might have to go with the map theme from act 1 of episode 303.
    Oh yes, sometimes I put the game only to hear that theme.
  • The Office Theme
    Jurgen's Lair Suite (love the Klezmer/Central European style)
  • For comedy value, gonna mention "You, Me and Ted-E-Bear", loved that song as soon as I heard it.
  • The new street theme from 301 and also the train music in 302.
  • Radical!, Twilight Eternal, and Fugue and Dies Iraes are my three favourites. I love those.

    I also like... A lot of the music in the first two seasons, but I think nostalgia is starting to have an effect. I haven't listened to the music in the Devil's Playhouse enough to be sure what music I like from there, but I'm a big fan of the opening credits music.
  • Season 1:
    Opening Credits
    Regime Change
    Good for You (Good for Me)
    Lefty's 2.0
    World of Max

    Season 2:
    Freelance Police
    Silent Shootout
    La Canción De Los Mariachis
    Absorptio Bullenscens Fatiscores Daemona

    Season 3:
    Opening Credits
    Besides that, there's too many to name (mostly because I don't know their names :p)
  • Well, with 304 now out, There are a good few tracks here that are just brilliant, namely:

    - The Warehouse Docks (Very The Lost and Damned by the way!)
    - Statue of Liberty Arrival
    - Max flying up the Statue of Liberty
    - Psychic Showdown
  • It really is difficult to name favorites just because Jared Emerson-Johnson/Bay Area Sound did an incredible job.

    That said, there are a few I find myself going back to frequently:

    Woo - Not much love for this one, it seems, but Jared did a fantastic job incorporating the Belafonte sound (the references -- bordering on quotes in places -- to "Jump in the line" are particularly notable)

    El Molcajete De Almas - Another favorite. First portion Mexican Mariachi ending up in what Jared has described in interviews as Argentinean influenced ballad/tango. What's not to like?

    Regime Change is nice from Season 1, as is You and Me and Ted E. Bear, the Don Ted E Bear waltz, and of course World of Max and Good for You, Good For Me (The War Song).

    I dunno, over all, I think I prefer the Season 2 compositions. For the most part, Season 1, while good, seemed mostly to be smaller incidentals rather than the larger themes of the second season.

    And yes, as for Season 3's sound design, the opening credits are nice with their "Dr. Who" influence, but I think I'm still waiting for a really stand out piece.
  • I really love the soundtracks for both Season 1 and Season 2. My all time favorite is, and always will be Fugue and Dies Irae. I loved it so much that I did an arrangement of the piece for a saxophone quartet. ;)

    I have other very good favorites that come close:

    Quiet on the Set
    The Office
    The Office 2.0
    City Streets
    Citty Streets 2.0
    The Black Hole
    Don Ted E. Bear Waltz
    Hugh's Inner Sanctum

    Moonscape and Hugh's Inner Sanctum come to a close second and third. All the music is amazing- Jared ties in jazz and classical music into a really nice mixture that is really appealing to the ear.
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