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Momma Bosco: Side Effects (304 SPOILERS)

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So... Mrs. B finally got her own body. Good for her. I was afraid, however, that due to the Bosco DNA she would look just like some bizarre female Bosco, more or less like he looked in 106. Save for the bald head, she seems to have gotten away scot-free... it SEEMS...

But, what if Bosco's DNA will affect her mentally, turning her paranoid!?! In my opinion, that could be one amusing recurring gag for Season 4.

Since she has far more scientific knowledge and resources, her paranoia could be taken beyond the impossible. Instead of just staying inside some bunker, she could go on the offensive:

1) Placing cameras, mics and even bombs everywhere, including the Office, Sybil's, Stinky's, WARP TV, the White House, Bosco's...

2) Each episode capturing one or more characters and presumably interrogating them, sometimes with unusual, cruel and cool methods that would make Flint look like a law-abiding, human rights advocate. In one or five cases, she would implant some surveillance/shock/control chip in her prisoners' brains, which would later be used by Sam & Max for puzzle-solving and unnecessarily humilliating scenarios for the victims.:D

3) Hiring Sam & Max to help her keep an eye on certain people and places, with them surely keeping any items she gave them and using them to solve puzzles.

4) Likewise, Sam & Max would sometimes fuel her paranoia by giving her fake information, so she would hire them in the first place.

To top it off, Bosco, who seems to have been cured of his own conspiracy theories, could try dissuading Momma B from her paranoia, making for ironic situations and conversations.

In the end, for some crazy twist, Momma Bosco would get over her deliriums... only for Bosco, AGAIN, to become a conspiracy theorist. Status Quo is God.

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