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Steam Version: SecuROM?

posted by flibitijibibo on - last edited - Viewed by 919 users
Is it included? I know it's on the DVD version (sucks, I wanted to see the extra content), but there doesn't seem to be any info about the Steam version. The store page is never to be trusted, and the guys at the Steam DRM Superthread have no clue.

Any official statements I might have missed? Or does someone know for sure (as in, checked with the diagnostic tool/removal tool)?
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  • Steam is digital distribution. If there was SecuROM, then you'd never be able to play the game because you'd have no disc to put in your CD/DVD drive.
  • SecuROM still exists on some Steam games for activation purposes (usually installation limits). It's not as bad as the DVD check, but SecuROM software is still installed on your machine. Check out the link I posted above to see more about it.
  • Hm. I know Telltale uses SecuROM on the DVD versions, but I don't think they do on Steam. Unfortunately that's all I know.
  • If anyone reading this has the Steam version, you'll have my eternal gratitude if you can point this at the game:

    This is the only way to know for sure without a Telltale statement (I did send them an e-mail though, we'll see where that goes).

    EDIT: Without a thought for my own safety, I've purchased the game upon /v/ telling me the detection tool marked it as clean. I'll update this thread with the official SecuROM status.
  • I grabbed the tool. I'll do a search on Strong Bad as soon as it finishes downloading. I'll also run it on Sam & Max seasons 1 and 2, Tales of Monkey Island, and Wallace & Gromit.
  • Talk about the scariest SecuROM scan ever. I am very pleased to say that SBCG4AP does NOT include SecuROM, even in inert form. My Steam account continues to live its malware-free life.

    Thanks for the help though, xbskid. If there were a +rep button here, you would be seeing a point from me. :D
  • You're welcome. :)

    Also, I can confirm that the other seasons I mentioned do not have SecuROM either.
  • Also, an official statement for any googlers:
    My inbox just now" said:
    Steam uses the standard steam copy protection ("valve anti-cheat") that everything on that service uses. So, no securrom or anything additional.

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