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who is the best/worst minor character?

posted by Brian, Mighty Pirate on - last edited - Viewed by 2.1K users
By minor character, i mean everyone aside from strong bad, homestar, and the cheat. My favorite would be homsar because he is so random. my least favorite would be Marzipan because she is just not very funny.
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  • StrongBadinator;203725 said:
    They look pretty realistic to me.
    They sure are; and I know good handle bar mustaches when I see 'em!
  • homsar is the best minor character!i mean...if you don't like him then...'ll be kicked of the gravey train've propably never ate a chipwhich love the king of town (0_o ocward!)
    well theres your reasons!now for a random picture of him in a fight!
  • The King of Town is actually funny a lot of the time, I think.

    Marzipan has never been funny. Not even once.
  • I wouldn't call any of these characters "minor". Besides, where's Senor Cardgage? He is by far my favourite, if I had to choose.
  • StLouisRibs;180845 said:
    Who the hell is homesar?
    He first appeared in the second sbemail episode where someone tells Strong Bad to kill Homestar. But since he spelt it Homsar, he killed some random alternative which became Homsar instead. However, after some time, the Chaps brought him back to life and made him an extra character on the site. He only speaks in catchy antidotes or whatever you call them, and in SBCG4AP Ep.2, it was addressed as a mysterious ancient language, but only to serve as a gag.
  • Best: Tie between Strong Mad, Strong Sad, Marzipan, Coach z, Bubs, and Homsar
    Worst: King of Town- NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE!
  • The best is a tie between Coach Z and Homsar. Homsar is just completely ridiculous, but Coach Z's mispronounciations (JORB!) are completely hilarious.

    The worst is hard to say because all characters in the Homestar Runner Universe and top notch, but I'd have to stick with Pom-Pom. He's a very generic character, doesn't really have a voice, and is always a backup character, and not really center stage.
  • Damn.... I forgot about this thread.... good times... good times...
  • You spelt Homsar wrong.
  • Homsar is my hero.
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