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The Big Sam and Max Favourite Character Poll (Bonus Round)

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It's the decision you never wanted to make.

Characters in the final:
Flint Paper
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  • Vote while you wait! I chose Max just but I think that the two are inseparable as a pair.
  • Even though I chose max your very right. The two can't function without each other and part of the character is lost without the other. they are very co-dependant and cant be Sam or Max without the other. It's Sam and Max, not sam or max
    GinnyN;348653 said:
    Sam is my favorite and always will be. BUT you can't separate Sam and Max. Oh no. Those are inseparable (And I should list a ton of ways of how inseparable they are, but my Second Language Vocabulary is somewhat reaching it's limits).

    It's unfair because MOST of the time Sam is the Straight Man to Max, but some times is the other way, just depending of the writing. But more in the Games than the Cartoon or the Comics, which appear the two are equals. And, if Max's not okay, Sam can't function and Max also if Sam's missing.

    In other words, while I like Sam a lot, I have to admit you cannot separate them and Sam lose most of the time the jokes because the Games has to make him the straight man most of the time for his position as player character.

    What the *** I'm saying? yeezz
  • A very tough choice, but in the end I chose Max. He cracks me up, little buddy.
  • Very tricky choice to make there, but I always look forward to what Max is going to say next. I find Max to be hilarious, so my choice here goes to him.
  • WOW!
    I didn't except to see so many votes for Sam!
    This is the best day of my life!!!
  • Sam is just so darn adorable this season.
  • Ummmm.... uhhh.... Dammit, why did you post this poll if you know nobody can chose?
  • kameedamane;352905 said:
    Ummmm.... uhhh.... Dammit, why did you post this poll if you know nobody can chose?
    As of this posting, 83 individuals have chosen :P And truthfully, it's split about 50/50. They're equally important. You can't have Sam without Max and vice versa.
  • I voted for Max, I've just always liked his unpredictability. But it was probably one of the hardest decisions I've ever made.
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