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Wallace and Gromit DVD

posted by Sir Primalform Magnifico on - last edited - Viewed by 608 users
Just as a preface, I ordered all my DVDs at the same time. They haven't shipped because the ToMI disc isn't finished yet and I'm fine with that.

I'm worried about my Wallace and Gromit DVD because people have been reporting online activation rather than disc based activation. They have also mentioned the poor quality of the extras but this doesn't concern me as no promises regarding that were made.
your FAQ" said:
Our disc-based games also use SecuROM. Disc games don't require online activation, but the disc must be in the drive while you play.
It says this now, and it also said it when I bought the downloadable season and when I placed the order for the DVD. There was no disclaimer or warning that the disc would require online activation. Every game I have bought from you, I have bought with the understanding that I would be getting a disc that didn't require online activation.

So my question is simple:

How do I go about getting the DVD I was promised?
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  • Hey, I want that retail DVD as well! I've canceled my order when I heard about the online activation!

    Support E'mail sent!!
  • Sir Primalform Magnifico;328531 said:
    I got a reply last night. I've been offered a copy of the retail DVD (which doesn't have online activation but suffers from some other problems). Better than nothing I suppose...
    I actually bought the retail DVD for the same purpose. Fortunately I only paid $9 for it.

    I think the only problem with the retail DVD is that you have to delete a few files after installation, and then it works fine.
  • Hey, this is what i got:

    "Hi Oleg,
    Unfortunately, I am unable to send you the retail version of W&G. The retail disc is only sold through BestBuy and/or Walmart.

    Our end of season discs are free for the cost of shipping, the retail version is not free and season purchases are not eligible for this version. Sorry.


    Huh, looks like I won't be getting any more Telltale seasons legally! What a way to treat your customers, Telltale. First double up the shipping for international customers just when the new DVDs are being released, then make a worthless coaster for a DVD, and then offer the normal DVD to one customer but refuse it to another - way to go Telltale!

  • Oh dear. Did you mention why you'd like the retail version? I didn't just go in asking for the retail version. I asked how I could get a version without online activation and quoted the FAQ (which says their discs don't have online activation).
  • Olegdr,
    The difference is, Sir Primalform and another ttg employee worked together to try to make the version he had work and could not. I checked your account and it seems the shipping of the free disc from us was canceled some time ago, back in March.

    Unfortunately, my hands are tied. We do not have retail discs at the office nor do we sell the retail version from our site. The only place to get them currently is BestBuy and/or Walmart.

  • Correct, I canceled the discs order when I learned that W&G disc has online activation. I don't need a non-collectible "collectors" disc.

    Back when I signed up to TTG and bought the TOMI season (at about it's release time, mid 2009) single disc international shipping was 9 or so and two disc shipping was 12...

    Now suddenly shipping either one or two discs costs a whooping 17$!

    Now I both can't get a normal W&G disc, and can't get TOMI without paying an arm and a leg for shipping! Can anyone really blame me for being angry with TTG?
  • Update: Received my discs today, yay!

    Not so yay is finding out that my Wallace and Gromit DVD is not the retail one but the normal one. It's about as much use to me as a coaster. Thanks Telltale.
  • Well, at least they don't discriminate...
  • Sir Primalform Magnifico;352792 said:
    Update: Received my discs today, yay!

    Not so yay is finding out that my Wallace and Gromit DVD is not the retail one but the normal one. It's about as much use to me as a coaster. Thanks Telltale.
    What's on it? Just the games?
  • As far as I know, the only difference between the retail and bonus disc versions is the copy protection. Retail has disc-in-drive protection whereas the bonus disc version is online activation and therefore useless to me. I emailed Bonnie about it and she said they'd send me a retail copy instead. They didn't though.
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