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Newcomers to Sam & Max

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I have a friend who I've been trying to get into Sam & Max for weeks, but she hasn't shown any interest until The Devil's Playhouse. Before I get her started on The Penal Zone, what sort of background info should I give her on the series? I don't want her to be scared off by how weird it seems.

I'm gonna explain the origins of characters that aren't new to this season, obviously, like Superball or Harry or Momma Bosco, but what else?
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  • Well, trust me, the only thing you need to explain is that common sense isn't a factor for Sam & Max.

    The only background that is needed is that: They are the Freelance Police, who take cases from The Commissioner to stop any crime (and stress of ANY situation).

    Also, just stress the fact that Max became the President earlier and that ... they really like the shoot things...even though that doesn't work most of the time in the games.

    I hope they enjoy The Devil's Playhouse as much as we do. I'm sure once she gets some samples of the comedy of the dialog, she will get into the game.
  • TPZ does all the explaining.

    So just embrace for the "weirdness"...
  • Just gave her the game and, if she's interested, everything will flow according. Trust us.
  • The only info I would give is that there is no background info needed. When I started 301, I knew that I'd been plunged into a story. When my cousin started it, I think he assumed he'd missed some backstory, when in actual fact, the gorilla isn't explained at the start :p
  • Explain who the characters are ancd how they ask. Also, explain to her that weird, insane, and gross thing happen to them all the time, so just be prepared for weirdness.
  • You could just tell them about sam and max in general.
    Sam is a dog who is basicaly the main player for most of the games.
    Max is a physcotic rabbity-thing who doesnt get to be played with until this exact season.

    They where made by steve purcell(or his brother when they where kids) and have spawned comic books a tv show, and a lucasarts game before becoming telltales star franchise

    and logic is illlogical.
  • Gman5852;356517 said:
    Max is a physcotic rabbity-thing who doesnt get to be played with
    Sounds SOOoooo wrong.
  • Ok, I'm showing her the game today. Hopefully it'll be fine. I'm afraid of scaring her off, though. I reeeeeaaaaaaally want her to love these games, too, so I can finally have someone to talk to about them in person.
  • Let her do stuff!
  • GinnyN;356654 said:
    Let her do stuff!
    Hassat Hunter;356524 said:
    Sounds SOOoooo wrong.
    What's with this thread?
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