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  • Oh well, at least Bosco won. I would have voted for him, but Papierwaite is my favourite. Sal lost by one vote. Hmm... I'm alright with that. Sal is a ok character. He isn't one of my favourites. Maybe if he has more screen time. Season 4 if there is one [SPOILER](and if he is still alive)[/SPOILER]?
  • Wow, three of my favorite characters won!
  • I can agree with all three of these. These are some of the best characters in the series. (I say some because Hugh Bliss isn't included. :()
  • TheGingerNinja;357961 said:
    Though telltale probably has this covered no bug can die from fall of heights since of there hard ekxo-skeleton
    The problem with that idea is that what makes a bug survive those falls is their weight to exo-skeleton hardness ratio. The bigger they are, the weaker they and, and the harder the shell, the stronger they are. Sal's shell would have to be many times harder than any material known to man.
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