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Loved or hated 303?

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Did you like 303 or hate it?
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  • I thought that completely unexpected moment when you first enter the planetarium was just so excited for me.
  • i really liked it and i got all the trophies on PS3 and im more excited on episode 304 more then 303
  • I feel after 202 there was no way to up it but it was a great episode. I liked it alot but it felt a little.... off. Act 1 felt nothing like act 2 which was nothing like act 3 and while I liked each of these acts on there own it kinda ruined the genre bending that this season is doing.
  • I liked it, but I thought Sammun-Mak was an annoying character.
  • Never played an episode I hated. Sammun-Mak's voice was ill-fitting though.
  • I have just completed this episode and can safely say it has entered my 'favourites' list. Looking forward to 304 which I shall download tomorrow. I've almost caught up with the rest of you! Yay!
  • I liked it. A lot more than 302 anyway.

    The Noir part took itself too seriously. Sam only broke character to make a funny like 3 times. I kinda got the feeling we were really supposed to be intimidated by Sam, which is utterly impossible, which left me feeling confused.

    Still, very good episode.
  • The first time I just saw a video walkthrough of the game, & the walkthrough guys only stick with the main stuff & don't do any unnessisary interactions or dialogue choices, which is half the game right there.

    So yeah, I got to play it for myself in all it's glory & my opinion of it is much higher than it was after just watching the walkthrough. I've also gotten used to Sammun-Mak's voice.
  • I like it. The noir atmosphere at the beginning of the game, and then the egyptian section with Sammuk mak. The museum felt a bit empty, though.
  • Good episode. Not the best but most deff a great load o fun. 304 and 301 were better imo.
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