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  • NickTTG;35079 said:
    haha WOW it took me like 3 times of viewing this thread to realize what show you were talking about. That show rocked! click here for the season 1 intro
    That brings back so many memories! I loved it when the games came down from the sky and trashed a part of the city.
    I also remember watching it in it's later days when the kid was grown up with that fish lady
  • Oh jesus, that show! I used to watch it on Fox when I was a kid!
  • Oh yeah, I remember watching that! I hope the movies will be any good. :)
  • I hate to break it to you, but that show was crap. And the movies will be too.
  • *GASP* NEW REBOOT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! :eek:
  • Reboot was brilliant! I can't wait for the movies. Here's hoping this will spawn a proper DVD boxset, with all the episodes.

    I wonder if it will be a reboot (har, har) of the series or continue from the cliffhanger series finale? Sounds more like a reimagining of the original. In either case it'll be cool. TellTale? Wanna get on the ball with this one? :D
  • Zeek;36510 said:
    If you know enough about how backing up a computer hard drive works, you get the joke.

    The reason why there are two Enzos is because one is an "older" file and the other is a new file. When The User restored MainFrame using the saved back-up, it had a copy of the younger Enzo, because that was "the older file."

    I end up having to deal with dupped files nearly every time I end up having to restore my system to a point back in time before I messed it up. It doesn't hurt the system so much as it just takes up unessicary space.

    As for the show, it didn't pick up for me until they introduced the idea of the internet and how they traveled it with help from a throw-away character that was a Software Pirate (in the literal sense of the word).
    Younger and older Enzo now exist simultaneously, as Matrix's icon was still set to "Game Sprite" mode. Because of this mishap, he wasn't recognized by the system when it rebooted, so it created a replacement of his younger self.

    I actually read about how the user restarted his computer, which restored everything, but made a a young Enzo because it couldn't recognized Matrix as he will still on Game sprite mode on wiki a few days after I made the previous post; I completely forgot about the User and that the reboot universe is inside a computer since it has been a while since I watched it, so I get it and that you don't have to explain to me how backing up a drive works, especially since I had to restore my computer to a previous working state the other day for not working.
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