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Episodic games? No, thank you

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The last months show a sad development in games industry: Episodic games. Why is this happening? Are developers not able to finish their games? Is the market pressure too high? I´m playing Half Life 2: Episode One right now and I don´t like this concept at all. It´s boring to know that the game will end in 3 hours, only to give you a cliffhanger that is more than unsatisfying. So why is Telltale Games making the same mistake? I have read somewhere on this forums "2 hours of gameplay per episode"? If this is the case I won´t buy this game. I don´t see any sense to torture my gaming experience over many months to see the end credits. That doesn´t make sense.

Why do I hate this idea? The main reason is inconsistency: What happens if the main characters voice actor passes away and we have to hear Sam or Max with a different actor. What if they change the overall game style? What if Episode 1 doesn´t sell well and they cancel all other episodes? What if it sells so well that they stretch the game from 3 episodes to 10?

I´d rather had a full game, a full piece of art and not just a puzzle where I get the pieces after months of waiting. I love Sam & Max and I´m waiting badly for years to see a Part 2, but, Telltale, if you really stick to this idea I will have to say "without me".

This is just my unimportant opinion but many other gamers are feeling the same. I have read many other discussions in other forums about this topic so you should take this thread serious.
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    I'm sorry, Emily. I can't understand your post.

    You have taken too long to respond.

    You have been eaten by a grue.

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    I think Sam & Max are very well suited to the episodic approach. Being police, each episode can equal one case. It's a very similar approach to the comics in the sense of short, self-contained adventures. It also allows for wider variety and more experimentation, as episodes can be based on premises that perhaps wouldn't sustain a full length game and there's less at stake if something doesn't work in a particular episode, as opposed to a full, 2 year's worth of work game. Sam & Max are known for their highly bizarre escapades and locales; episodic gaming really facilitates this approach. I find myself very excited by the episodic style of games, even if I wouldn't want them to the exclusion of full length games.
    My thoughts exactly. I'm looking forward to this as it will seem very much like a brand new interactive Sam & Max comic series!
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    hey! - No mocking text adventures!
    They were cool! - made me the geek I am today!
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    Try this!!

    haha! And sorry if it's illegal to link to other servers... :(
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    lol... good stuff! That was funny :)

    My turn to get my account banned;
  • Also, try [link removed].
  • IronCladChicken, I fixed your link. It had two https in there. :) It's hosted by the BBC, so I'm pretty sure it's legal! (Not sure about the Zork one but I'm okay with it unless someone says otherwise.)

    This is not a text game, but last week I wasted a few hours with this BBC game: 7 Noble Kinsmen - A Shakespearean Murder Mystery. It has six acts and it appears that these came out episodically when it was first released (so it's even on topic!) Really fun little game. Of course, it was free, but I totally would have paid for it. :D
  • (Not sure about the Zork one but I'm okay with it unless someone says otherwise.)
    Oops, it seems like I did something illegal: "Activision briefly offered free downloads of Zork I as part of the promotion of Zork: Nemesis, and Zork II and Zork III as part of the promotion for Zork Grand Inquisitor, as well as a new adventure: Zork: The Undiscovered Underground. This led many to believe that the games had been released as freeware, even though the included license explicitly prohibited redistribution. Activision's legal department has recently stated that the promotion relating to those games has ended and that it is not legal to distribute the games or make them available for download." -
  • Yeah, that's what I thought. I'm going to remove your link, then.

    But - this is legal!
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    IronCladChicken, I fixed your link. It had two https in there. :) It's hosted by the BBC, so I'm pretty sure it's legal!
    Doh! - Thanks Emily!
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