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Michael J Fox, MAY Not be able to do the game

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His parkisons has been noted as having become severe enough to inhibit his ability to do voice over work. If he did it, it would be difficult and very time consuming. If you look at his imdb page you'll see that while he has been active in spurts there also tends to be lulls in his career in the last 10+ years.

Its really a shame too because I'd love it if he could do the voice. (Heck I'd love a classic Spin-City based adventure game.. >.>)
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  • It just doesn't have any substance, heart, appeal to me if some random guy voices marty. If they do it, fine but having some random guy voice act with Christopher Loyd isn't going to wow or woe me.

    I don't imagine it will make hard hitting news either. There's really not a whole lot that's special about it when MJ Fox is able to do the role himself, or atleast deserves the chance to try it if he's interested. (yep)
  • so none of the sam and max series minus the original games were good to you due to not having the original voices?

    this could go on forever in debate but i half agree with you.. but half dont..
    saying a game would be basically heartless without MJ is sort of an assumption.
    saying it would ROCK with him in it.. is also an assumption.. abliet a better one with higher probability of success

    its all maths.. and variables..
    ill say this..
    the project has been stated.. its going to happen.. MJ or not.. I will try it out.. if i dont like it.. I still buy it to continue on telltales legacy and help fund the next romp

    I did NOT buy wallace n gromit however.. I just cant stand that game.. but its more the characters and the puzzles etc.. felt to BONE like to me.. (which was pathetic for TTG but awesome as a 2nd release if you count texas holdem)
  • It's a assumption that he may or may not want to try to reprise his role.
  • huh?

    you cant assume a 2 variable answer

    well you can but you are wrong on at least 50% :P

    your fav color is blue.. no green
    which was it?
    well i just guessed... lol

    may or may not...
    has he even been approached or his peoples people or whatever..
  • Why do you have to guess at all?

    My point isn't to argue with you, or to get a lesson in mathematical logic. My point is that MJ FOX should be given the chance to reprise his role. We aren't aware if TTG has gone to MJ Fox yet, we don't know if he's already been offered the role.

    I don't see the point in debating his replacement when you don't have all the facts to begin with. I guess it's harmless but I don't see the point.
  • who was debating his replacement?

    people are saying screw the game if MJ is not in it.. those are the people debating..
    im saying,
    if or if not.. shouldnt matter in the end.. though we all know it will...
    MJ would be great.. but again my vote is for llyod :P he has experience in such gaming matters and voice overs (for doc not as marty)
  • He will apparently make an apparition in the CBS Wife serie (never heard of it, but it seems to be popular).

    This is a good sign :)
  • Yohmi;364257 said:
    He will apparently make an apparition in the CBS Wife serie (never heard of it, but it seems to be popular).

    This is a good sign :)
    I was just coming to post that. Great sign indeed.
  • MICHAEL J. Fox is returning to TV. MICHAEL J. Fox has signed on for a role on the CBS drama The Good Wife. Fox will play a lawyer so “shrewd and cynical” he uses his neurological condition to gain favor for his clients. The second season of The Good Wife premieres next month.
    MICHAEL J. Fox’s last TV role was that of a drug-abusing paraplegic on Denis Leary’s hit drama series Rescue Me. So I am sure he can do voice over.
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