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Face-off - any logic to it?

posted by ido on - last edited - Viewed by 2.4K users
I'm really stuck with the face-off, I just can't find any logic to it, and guessing doesn't work.

I started a fresh game, uncovered all the faces before doing the first real face-off, but still, I can only pass the first stage.

doing the first stage is easy, 90% of the time I just click randomly and I pass it,
the second one though, never got passed it. I wrote every combination either I or bug-eyed did, and I'm using a new combination, with items neither of us used (the ones I got from the puzzles)

but still, I only get nothing at all, or "partially-original", what? it brand new!

please help, I'm stuck on this.

to the developers - sorry, I really liked the episodes so far, but this puzzle is just plain bad. the only way to win is to memorize 64 combinations and see which ones are original? no logic, just plain luck? this bites, especially if you didn't save before you started and just wasted combinations until you find all the faces, like I did on the first run.
please disregard this rant if there is some hidden logic which I haven't found yet.
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  • Have you said "ARRR" to everyone? Have you gotten DeCava his "drink?" Have you uncovered a certain picture?
  • Yeah, found it now. Needed to do the second hint.....thanks :)
  • No probs, that second one is by far the hardest to figure out :)
  • lol. butthurt ego in this tread.
  • Woodsyblue;211016 said:
    Have you said "ARRR" to everyone? Have you gotten DeCava his "drink?" Have you uncovered a certain picture?
    I did that, nothing happened. I added the yellow, and nothing happened, so how did you do that.
  • I have something to say to those of you who are complaining about having to use pencil and paper for some of these puzzles...

    I feel that you guys are a bit spoiled. When I was younger, I played adventure games in the early 90s. I remember in several of those games I HAD to use pen and paper. In a couple of King's Quest games for instance, there are catacombs areas which typically require you to create a map of the area, since every room looks virtually the same. Even in more recent adventure games like EMI, I doubt that anybody could get through Monkey Kombat without writing down all the insults and stance advantages.

    I feel that adventure games today are a lot more easier compared to back then. When we were stuck, we didn't have the internet to go look for a walkthrough or FAQ. We either had to call a Hint Line, or order one of those hintbooks with that red cellophane decoder. I'd go as far to say that it's because of this that the adventure game genre isn't so popular anymore.

    OK, now I'm just rambling on whatever. Sorry, but I just felt like I needed to get that off my chest. I'll stop my post now.
  • J-Arrr!;204564 said:
    Developers, this is a seriously annoying puzzle -- and not in a good way, but in a tedious way... almost as tedious as the original swordfight/insult puzzle.
    Are you kidding me? The original insult swordfighting was the greatest puzzle of all time! Also, if you watch the credits, it's says that the insults were written by Orson Scott Card, which is really cool.
  • Woodsyblue;207542 said:
    That sounds dangerously close to the premise of Monkey Kombat and none of us ever want that to happen again... EVER!
    Awww, come on, Monkey Kombat isn't *that* bad.

    (Though some sort of in-game "memory" system would have helped.)
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