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  • Ah, nice. I wonder when Telltale will make their official announcement.

    Kind of weird to see that CSI is Telltale's biggest franchise, in a way. Still, the games are always good for some entertaining hours of puzzling.
  • Oh, platforms will be PC, Xbox 360, Wii and for the first time PS3.

    There will also be a Nintendo DS Version (developed by Other Ocean, not Telltale) with the title CSI - Ungelöste Fälle.
  • The English title has been announced: CSI: Fatal Conspiracy

    There's also an official site: www.csifatalconspiracy.com

    Some interesting things:
    Partner with FBI agent Gene Huntby in 5 Connected Cases to take down the Queen of the Hive. For the first time ever, the storyline engages you from the first case to the last.

    This sounds very, very good. Especially after the lack of cohesion between cases in the last game.
    All New Immersive Experience: CSI: Fatal Conspiracy is an all new immersive experience thanks to intriguing cases written with CSI show writers, a fully updated rendering engine allowing for more realistic lighting effects, and enhanced character acting and lip sync with the voices of the main actors from the show.

    I think the actual writers of the show working on the game is a first, although I could be wrong about that. I never watched any of the CSI-episodes except for the ones written by Tarantino, so I have no idea if the original writers are any good, but still, pretty awesome.

    I always enjoyed the CSI-games for what they were, so I'm rather excited to play this one. I'm mostly excited for the TOMI/Devil's Playhouse way of telling the story (5 connected cases instead of independent ones). Bring it on.
  • How are they going to handle the lack of actual characters on the show.
  • Yay! I can finally tell people what I've been working on. I can't say more than is covered in the press release but I think CSI fans are going to be happy with what we've done for this one.
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  • seher wrote: »
    I think CSI fans are going to be happy with what we've done for this one.

    I really hope you don't mean you guys included the characters' personal life in the game :D :D That's the biggest (and actually the only notable) mistake they made with the TV series.
  • I have the felling that this will be the best of the series...
    Really hope of better and various research tools....
  • That FBI guy they talk about on the official site, Gene Huntby... is a character from the TV show, or is a new character for the game? Will he be the playable character? I'm a bit tired of always being the lab's rookie...
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