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My order status

posted by theundergroundhero on - last edited - Viewed by 297 users
I placed an order back at the end of June for The Bonus Disc of Season 1 of Sam and Max and the case file as well.

What's the update on my order? I'm not sure how to check where it is process wise, or if something may have happened. I figured I'd have received it by now... I sent an e-mail in the middle of last week, but hadn't received a reply yet.

I can provide you with my order number and all that fun stuff.

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  • Patience, young padawan.

    As has been stated by Emily and others in many threads... the Case Files are being stuffed at the moment, and should be sent to the warehouse at the end of this week or early next week. And after that, they will be shipped to you.

    There was this little thing called "Comic-Con" on last weekend which occupied a lot of the Telltale Team's time... go read the blogs for all the SDCC goodness.
  • Yep, the hope is that case files will start shipping to customers next week. We are stuffing them as quickly as possible. :)

    Thanks for your patience!
  • Thanks for the replies... and sorry, I get a little antsy sometimes...
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