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TOMI - 4:3 Resolutions Only in Widescreen

posted by Apple24 on - last edited - Viewed by 614 users
Hey guys,

I am running a 1366x768 Widescreen notebook. My problem is that in my TOMI settings I can only select from 4:3 resolutions (640x480, 800x600, & 1024x768). Am I missing something obvious? Is there somewhere I have to check "Widescreen"?
I didn't have this problem with Sam & Max Season 2, SBCG4AP or Wallace & Gromit.

So far I have tried copieing my prefs.prop file from Wallace & Gromit to my TOMI directory - this gives me widescreen, but in a window. I still don't have any widescreen options under settings and as soon as I switch back to fullscreen I'm in a 4:3 stretched resolution again.

I also tried the "TTres" 3rd-party resolution editor, but I get a message saying "ERROR: No Resolution Bytes Found".

Anybody able to help?
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