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This Is The Real Bone

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This is the correct list of all 9 books (in order)

-out from Boneville
-the great cow race
-eyes of the storm
-the dragonslayer
-rock jaw: master of the eastern border
-old man's cave
-ghost circles
-treasure hunters
-crown of horns

i have 6 of them and read them (the first 6 cuz the rest havnt come out)

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  • Was there an incorrect list?
  • You mean the rest haven't come out in COLOR. All 9 have been released in black & white format in Bone: One Volume Edition.
  • I have the One Volume Edition (all 9 books collected in 1 phone book sized book but in black and white). I bought it when Book 5 was just released in Scholastic's Color Versions.

    Why did I buy the One Volume edition instead of the color versions? The price. Either I could buy the color ones at $10 each and only have just over half of the story or I could have the entire story now and only spend $40. Glad I bought the entire thing because I don't think I could stand the wait between the releases of the color versions. Heck, I'm rereading it right now!
  • Scholastic will probably release a color version of the One Volume Edition once all the single books are released.
  • I bought the One Volume but I think I would much rather have gotten the colour versions or wait until the colour versions are released in a one volume.

    The thing I hate about the One Volume Edition is that it's softcover. Books that big in paperback don't work. Especially graphic novels. I can't read it anywhere unless it's flat on the table.
    There are lots of huge graphic novels that are hardcover and aren't ridiculously priced so I don't see why Jeff Smith doesen't just make it hardcoverrrrr.........
  • At first, there was a hard cover edition when OVE was released, but just for a limited time.
  • I know but they wanted like $150 for it which is crazy
  • The black and white art looks much better than the color art tbqh.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    I agree, I love the black and white version of Bone. I think the color hqs gotten better as the books have progressed, though.
  • I think that the colour actually looks better, but that's just me I suppose.
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