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Please help

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hello everyone,
just today i was looking around on the net and i realized a new same and max was out, and i was a fan of the 1993 version when i was like 13.
so i wanna get the new one, but i dont understand the season..!?
is it different games? or levels?
can someone make sence of this... like.. and episode is a game?
do i need all the episodes to play?
{edit} :P
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  • Most people buy the whole season, because it's cheaper in the long run to buy it all at once.

    However, each of the "episodes" has its own beginning and ending, so you can choose to buy only one if you want. They're separate.

    Your backwords text may not be enough to fool the people who run this place, you know, the game's official forum... on the developer's website... :rolleyes:

    But, if you're looking for a free fix just to get the gist of it, each episode has a free demo.
  • cool, thanks a lot.. maybe ill edit that :P
    also if anyone can answer a few question that would be nice
    1. how much would it be to buy all the eps
    2. how much for 1?
    3. how long does it take to pass and episode
    4. how often does a new ep one come out
    5. how many seasons will there be?
    6. what type of gamplay is it?
    point and click or what!?
  • 1 & 2)

    3) Depends how fast you play through, some people take 3 hours, I take 6 hours.

    4) All of Season 1's out now, so the length between episodes doesn't matter for that now, but it's usually a month (but sometimes earlier for subscribers).

    5) As many as Telltale feel they can keep going with, I think.

    6) Point and click.

    The Sam and Max pages tell you pretty much everything you really need to know.
  • 1 $35 pretax for season 1 eps 1 to 6
    2 $9 pretax
    3 a few hours
    4 season 1 was roughly every month season 2 we do not know yet
    5 unsure about this depends how long they are popular or before they become stale
    6 point and click and only point and click

    you could try one of the demo's to see if you like them
  • thank you everyone
  • that is OK don't worry about it
  • Nah, you don't need to buy all the episodes. But they are part of the same season afterall, and they do share the same overall plot. They can be enjoyed seperately, but playing them in the wrong order could ruin a lot of the enjoyment. I personally recommend purchasing the whole season, because you save a lot of money that way, it's a great deal, and you get a lot of bonuses like the nice hard copy with the bonus features with it.

    You can think of an episode of Sam & Max just like you would an episode of a TV show that had a plot to it, like Babylon 5 or something like that. You can play them in any order you like, but it won't be as fun if you don't play them from 1-6. For Season 2 I recommend you buy the whole season at once so you can download the episodes as they come out, and then you can join with the discussion of the next episode here on the board. :)

    All episodes can be played by themselves, they are packaged to run seperately from the others.
  • You could also buy the whole season on CD or DVD. There are two versions:

    1) Telltale's version: That's on DVD and you can buy it on-line at the Telltale store.

    2) The Adventure Company's version: SHould be available on Aug,7 at any retail store in the US or on-line at
  • any store but EBGAMES OR GAMESTOP USA! hahaha sorry :P
  • Yeah... Avoid those guys. If they even have them "In stock" that is... ;)
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